Christianity and Paganism - Please help!


A friend of mine has posted the following video on his personal webpage and it is pretty convincing evidence that Jesus is just a mythical person who resembles countless past pagan God’s. Please have a look at it and let me knw what you think. I need to refute this!


It’s unsubstantiated, and I believe filled with fabrications.

The video never cited respected, mainstream scholars (or any scholars for that matter). As it is, it is making some great claims, but they are simply that: claims.

Honestly, shrug it off.

If you plan to research any of those claims, use trusted, academic resources in egyptology and ancient mythology. Beware of books written by unqualified writers, which spout off similar, unsubstantiated claims.


Did you believe everything your friend said?? The video says to check it out. Do it - if it’s troubling you. Your friend paints a very false picture. I took the time to check only one.

Regarding “Horus”:
I would say your friend either wrote or took his info on Horus from this sight. (Almost verbatim from the chart section.)

Compare to the info given in just a couple of other sites: :
(Read these and see if the various legend**s **of Horus sound anything like the gospel revelations about Jesus.)
Make use of the library, other encyclopedias, etc.

The tone of the first part of his video reveals an almost personal anger/hatred for the Church. I don’t know the reason for it, but it is going to influence any info he receives. He’ll probably “filter” it through that lens of hatred until it assumes a form that supports it. If it cannot be made to do that, he’ll reject it.

Pray for your friend; have Masses said for him. His conversion will come about only through the power of God’s grace. And live your life so that you are a living testimony to Our Lord and His teaching.

God bless,


The Evangelical Christian apologist Lee Strobel does a serious mop-up job on this kind of balderdash. His book, The Case for Christ is a must-read for all Christians who find themselves confronted with this stuff. He has also come out with a compelling DVD version of the story. Strobel is a Yale educated lawyer and former atheist. His research is exhaustive and compelling.

Go GET it! One thing you can say for educated mainstream Evangelicals: They believe in Jesus Christ! I have heard Mitch Pacwa recommend this book on his TV show.


Zeitgeist alert! Zeitgeist alert! :stuck_out_tongue: (appears to be an early version of Part 1, since some of this material was removed if you compare with the “final version”)

Parallel Pagan Gods

All About Horus: An Egyptian Copy of Christ?

Phil P


zeitgeist freaked me out! But then i looked into it and its pretey much ALL defuted on you tube. Funnily enough alot of the people defuting it were asrologers. I looked into one women called Marcia Montenegro who was an astrologer but became christian. You’l find her online defuting zeitgeist.
The best thing i found was that the “southern cross” can only be seen clearly from th southern hemisphere (hence why its on the flag of Australia, Paupa New Guinne and other southern hemisphere countries.) Although it can be seen from the mediteranian it would be too intermingled with the constalation “centaurus” to ever make a “cross” out of it. Alot of people beleive that it wasnt called the southern cross until the southern voyages in the 16th century.
Also orions belt being called “Three kings” is very unlikely back in that time cas it made up part of “orion”. (it aleady had an name). The earliest record i could find of it being called “three kings” is in south africa in 18th century.
Also what zeitgeist never talks about is the fact that Jesus Really existed and whenever some1 denies this they ALWAYS get defuted by scholars.
But even having said all that i still say the best evidence of God is in our hearts.
Please pray for all the people involved in the making of zeitgeist.



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