Christianity and Typology

Could typology lead us to the true meaning of the Bible?

THE true meaning? Love god above all things and thy neighbor as thyself.
(Of course he who loves him keeps his commandments.)

What exactly is typology?:shrug:

In my Thesaurus dictionary(Synonyms) Typology means
the same as “Categorization” & “Classification”, but
the Bible HAS been Categorized and Classified to the
ying yang! What exactly are you getting at?

Traditionally there are four “senses” of Scripture: The literal sense, and the three spiritual senses (allegorical, moral, and anagogical). Typology is kind of a sub-category of the allegorical sense. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church 115-119 for more details.)

Basically, it look at various figures and events of the Old Testament as being “types” of Christ who prefigure and point to their fulfillment in Jesus. Isaac is a “type” of Christ because he was the son who carried the wood for sacrifice up the mountain where his father was willing to offer him up. Moses is a “type” of Christ because he led the Chosen People out of slavery. Joshua is a “type” of Christ because he led the Chosen Ones into the Promised Land. Etc.

Typology has always been part of interpreting Scripture. It is necessary and important, but it’s not the only sense we consider when looking at the meaning of Scripture. Scripture is so rich and deep because there are layers and layers of meaning. No one sense is going to be all we need to understand it all.

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