Christianity arguably the most persecuted religion in the world


What is remarkable about this story is that The Toronto Star was carrying it as they are definitely not conservative.


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Seems Christianity always has been. Amazing how it has survived!


And given Christianity’s well-documented history of brutality, modern-day elites are more conditioned to think of Christian believers as the persecutors, not the victims, says Horowitz.

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We’re number one! We’re number one!

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Except “Christianity’s well-documented history of brutality” is actually less than the secular worlds well-documented history of brutality, so this is really a non-point. I just finished listening to an overview of the Inquisitions compared to the secular worlds activities at that time. The Church, even at the worst conclusion, was much more merciful than the rest of society.


Very good point!


Yes, our education distorts history in order to make the Church look worse than she actually was. Of course there are sinners in the Church, and there are things that happened that should not have happened, but putting things into historical context helps a lot.


Christianity has ruled in Europe for over 1500 years…


In a certain light perhaps, but even in that same light it no longer does. Europe is only a small part of the world. Globally we are beginning to see the treatment Christians suffered in the early Church and under Communist rule in the Soviet Union. It will get much worse and there will be many voices proclaiming we are overreacting.


“Arguably”? lol


Here’s a relevant discussion of the topic by John Allen in his blog:

Statistics in a global war

BTW, the article in the OP is 3 years old.

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