Christianity: catholic & orthodox

Within a Christian context, what does it mean to be orthodox?

Within a Christian context, what does it mean to be catholic?

Can a practicing Catholic Christian be orthodox?

Can a practicing Orthodox Christian be catholic?

Orthodox: Greek, “True worship”
Catholic: Greek? “Universal”

So yes, an orthodox Catholic Christian would be one who believes everything the Catholic Church teaches.

A catholic Orthodox Christian would… umm… guys, I’m not sure how to say it. Help? :confused:

And then, there are “Orthodox Christians in Communion with Rome”, who are those of us who are members of Eastern Catholic Churches and embrace our Orthodox heritage in a way that the ones that for the sake of the discussion we’ll call “Byzantine-Rite Roman Catholics” (OCCR is an actual term, BRRC is one that I invented for this discussion) do not, and sometimes might have problems with.

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