Christianity is critical to Britain’s future

From the Scottish Catholic Observer.


Great article, how many catholics are there in Scotland? Unfortunately in my country (Bulgaria) we are only 1 % and most of the Eastern Orthodox ones (the official religion in the country) are overwhelmed by relativism.

There’s not very many Catholics in the UK as a whole.

According wikipedia (numbers are over 10 years old)

In 2001 there were more than 5.6 million Catholics in the United Kingdom; 4.2 million in England & Wales (8%), 803,732 in Scotland (15.9%), and 678,462 in Northern Ireland (40.2%).
According to the Central Statistical Office of the Church, Great Britain has a population of 59,381,000 of whom 5,264,000 (8.87%) are Catholics. There are 32 ecclesiastical circumscriptions and 2,977 parishes.

I did live in Scotland for a time and while it wasn’t difficult to go to Mass, it was apparent to me over time that Catholics weren’t the majority, which I found especially true in London.

I appreciate your comment that Bulgaria–* may not be a morality paradise, but the UK’s problem is also the increasing influence of radical Islam, which will be more than happy to fill the void.

I really don’t think this left-wing moral relativism can last—especially when more and more First World nation economies are built on a house of cards.*

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