Christianity Is Winning In sub-Sahara Africa!!!!


Both Christian and Muslim sources, it appears, agree that Christianity is winning the battle for souls in Africa. David Barrett (in the World Christian Encyclopedia, 2001) projects that the count of African Christians will rise to 634 million in 2025 from 360 million in 2000, while the number of African Muslims will rise to 519 million from 283 million - increases, respectively, of 49% against 40%. One Muslim cleric asserts that 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity each year. [2]

Muslims inflict violence on Christians, Jenkins reports:**

A new Jerusalem in sub-Saharan Africa



This makes me sad. I would prefer that aboriginals keep their aboriginal faith rather then convert. Guess its only a matter of time before another people lose their culture, language, etc.



Wonderful news!


Yes in some ways it is sad. These “pagans” have a living although false paganistic tradtions. Unlike the “pagans” in the west who only have a hollywood insipred trendy romatic version of old Western paganism. But in saying this, Im sure these people have weighed up which they think is better. And obviously Christianity has rightfully taken it’s place as the trye religion. But what is even more sad is the fact that you somehow believe that these people be denied the one true religion, the one true God. So you can give your own long forgotten Buffy/charmed. insipred "religion some credibilty.
Pagans are the new hippies.


True. It’s the latest cool trend for the rebellious to be “pagan”.


Praise the Lord for this! :clapping: :amen:


Praise the Lord !


Non nobis Domine,
Domine non nobis Domine,
Sed nomine. sed nomine,
Tuo da gloria!

(Not to us Lord,
But to your name,
Give the praise!)


Why insult me? :confused:

I merely putting forward concern for the loss of culture and language that occurs when an aboriginal people are converted. Many First Nations people are bringing back their religion, languages and culture from the brink of extinction. They have heard the word of your Gods and have chosen another path, their original path. I respect that.

I enjoy a world filled with many peoples and many faiths and I also appreciate living in a time where I can listen to all that is available and make a choice. The way this was posted turned the whole thing into some kind of contest for souls between islam and christainity…which I think reduces what is a deeply profound personal choice down to a numbers game between two sides.

I didn’t mean to offend. Merely partaking in discussions.


The Aztecs lost their pagan religion. A pity. Think of all the hearts that didn’t get torn out. Not every naturalistic religion was or is a pleasant one. Moving away from paganism was a positive good, read Stark’s The Rise of Christianity. There is a reason we won.


Won? Again its like a game or big war. Strange…

I’m fully aware that nature based religions are actually quite brutal, just like nature herself. There is no mercy in nature. Not all pagan religions were or are nature based. I believe the aztecs were sacrificing prisoners of war to war gods and not nature gods, and that they felt it was an honor. I don’t know, its hard to know when we look back over hundreds of years and judge from our perspective rather then theirs.

If you consider the conversion to christainity worth it if it stops human sacrifice then thats a little weak. That can be stopped by simply introducing the concept of human rights. Countries with modern day pagan religions (not neo-pagan or new age) have laws against murder. Given time a country and society changes on its own, and thats a good thing. We don’t know what the Aztecs would have been like today had they been left alone. Some people think the USA isn’t all that great morally presently so it all depends on your point of view.

When a people lose their aboriginal faith they lose the very soul of their culture. First Nations people may describe what happened to them as having the heart torn out of their chests. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be introduced to new concepts and religions, but the word ‘introduce’ isn’t exactly what happens historically, and I’m not just referring to Christainity as all religions are guilty of this - including paganism.

This is all very interesting. I’m on this site to learn and not inflame people’s anger. My apologies if anything I said offends anyone as its not my intention.


This makes me sad. I would prefer that aboriginals keep their aboriginal faith rather then convert. Guess its only a matter of time before another people lose their culture, language, etc.


Not to nit pick, but Aboriginies are Australian, not African


Nitpicking is another word for clarifying - and I’m fine with that. :slight_smile:

Aboriginal refers to the original people (or thing) of a land. For example, I would prefer that the original peoples of the land keep their original faith.


Catholicism has undergone a serious decline in the West. But at the same time it is expanding very greatly in Africa. The credit for this should in some good part goes to the religious order missionaries who evangelized Africa in the Nineteenth Century. There were 50,000 Catholics in Africa in 1800, and 26 million in 1962. Soon there will be 600 million according to this posting. This a great act of God.
Something similar happened during the Protestant revolt in the 16th Century. The Church lost northern Europe, but Catholic missionaries converted a whole continent, South America, besides a great part of North America. In the Sixteenth Century, when missionaries approached some villages in Mexico, the whole population ran out to be baptized. In Africa the Church now is having a time of glory. In some of the counties more than half the population is Catholic already.


Yes, it is a war–with the decisive battle won 1920-some years ago at a place called Golgotha. Since then, its been mopping up operations, but as CS Lewis wrote, most of us are still rebels in arms…


Even the Aztex “nature” gods were quite blood hungry–10 years prior to Cortez, 20,000 victims were sacrificed in the dedication of a new temple to the sun god–and that was on top of the year average of 10,000 to all the other nature and the few war gods. As you say, prisonors of war, and most of them didn’t care for the “honor”–which is why Cortez had LOTS of Indian allies.

Will you say the same about Stalin or Hitler in a couple of hundred years?

Human rights, as something NOT to be violated from comes from Judaism–and was conspicuoulsy absent in the ancient world until Chrisitanity, Judaism’ s inheritor, spread that message. Moral reletivism by it’s very nature cannot support inalienable human rights. The 20th century’s genocides were all driven by moral reletivism. Not sure what “pagan” countries you are refering too, please eloborate. But remember, the practice of widow burning (Sutee) and religious murder and banditry (Thugee) was common and accepted in India until the 19th Century Brits (under quite Christian and moral absolutist motivations) stamped them out. Not to mention those intolerant Christians stamping out the slave trade…

You seem to be under some "Prime Directive’ philosophy–non coercison is a good thing–but ask actual converts, and consistently they feel they are much the better for leavinging beyond the dark, hungry nature gods and spirits–the fault occurs in trying to make a Aborignee “Christian” a copy of a European or American–and missionaries ARE getting better at realizing this mistake


Culture, what culture ,sticking pins into dolls ? an occultist culture more like.

Worshipping the demon, like the druids of Ireland.


GO TEAM!!! :thumbsup:

hi-fives all around

Now lets get Africa converted so that they can return the favor and start sending missionaries over here!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


China is undergoing a transformation to Christianity as well. I wish I knew more bible verses by heart, but I know I’ve read in more than one place - God speaking (paraphrased) - “If you reject me, I’ll find somebody else.” Somebody else appears to be Africa and China.

Too bad about Europe. I’m glad I don’t live there. Those that reject God get chastised. It will be interesting to see their fate.


It’s funny you bring that up. I was reading the other day that there are actually more Christians in China than here in the US. Good for them!


the fault occurs in trying to make a Aborignee “Christian” a copy of a European or American–and missionaries ARE getting better at realizing this mistake

Yes, that is the point I’m trying to make. Thank you. There are cultures that take Christainity and blend it in quite nicely to their own culture. I’m glad to hear that missionaries consider this now.


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