Christianity vs Islam conversions

There are many Westerners converting to Islam, but what about the muslims converting to Christianity. Which has more conversions?

I would think the latter given that Islam is quite challenging to reason.

considering that there is often death threats issued to those that leave Islam and in all 57 Islamic countries, it is against the law to leave, I think you can figure out your answer. Are these people that you know?

I’ll second what others have said: It’s much easier for a Muslim to come and teach in a Christian country, than for a priest to go convert people in an Islamic country. Not to mention, Islam has been notorious throughout its history for forced conversions. I have no doubt more Catholics are becoming Muslim than vice versa.

I think it’s harder than it seems to calculate those stats. But here are a few interesting links:

The question I have an impossible time wrapping my mind around is,Why on earth would ANY Christian want to convert to Islam?

How can a person leave Jesus:confused:

i absolutely agree. Either they never really knew Him to begin with or became totally confused and deceived to leave.

thanks for the links. I think there is often an open door to conversion here that we in the west usually don’t see. The average Muslim that any of us may know really does not want anything to do with the violence and hate and murder associated with fundamentalist islam. I can remember when Iran turned to this after the Shah left and those in control vowed to make it a sharia law compliant country.The poor citizens stuck under all of that secretly decried it. The violence and murder done in its name hopefully will turn the mostly decent Muslims to look elsewhere especially to Christianity and Jesus.

To us it seems illogical, but we cannot fully understand the thought process a person goes through when they convert. I have a good friend who became very much infatuated with traditional Catholicism because of the influence of her ex-boyfriend (she is a cradle Catholic, baptized and confirmed), who was very much into the Church. She continued to be practicing even after they broke up, but now, years later, she has been undergoing a series of personal crises and now has been flirting with Buddhism. It breaks a person’s heart to see that happen. But all we can do is pray for them. May God have mercy on all of them.

At any rate, from what I understand, it is often quite difficult for the three main monotheistic religions to attract converts from one another. It’s probably impossible to find out which faith is more “effective” at attaining converts, but the results are certainly skewed by massive Islamic immigration into the West and restrictions on Christianity in Muslim countries. However, I do believe Christianity is considered the world’s fastest growing religion.

The subject – the number of Westerners (notably Christians) converting to Islam – comes up frequently on Muslim message boards. Muslims like to call their faith “the fastest growing religion in the world.” They like to keep score, too. Like it’s a game or something.

That Islam is the fastest growing religion is a myth. A myth that gets widespread accpetance because it is repeated so often on the internet, and that there is some basis to the claim due largely to the higher birthrate among Muslims. I don’t know which religion is actually the fastest growing, and I really don’t care.

Regarding Christian to Muslim conversions, as some have already said, Islamic regulations against leaving Islam and proselytization skew the statistics – in a direction that shouldn’t be surprising. It also should not be surprising that many people in free and open Western secular societies choose to embrace Islam. What should also be known, however, is that about 50% fall away from their new religion within a year. No one – not Christians nor Muslims – keeps track and publishes that stat.

I have read that about 60% of U.S. Muslim converts are African American. A disproportionate number are women, and a significant portion of the men that accept the faith do so while in prison. I think the implication with the latter is that it has to do more with thumbing the nose at “the (white) man” than it does with religion.

Christianity has more conversions while Islam has a greater birthrate. I believe the pew forums attest to this.

Also, do these count as converts?:

Let’s not forget how scary leaving Islam is, especially in Islamic countries.

You bring up some interesting observations. Muslims have been very active in outreach to prisoners, most of whom happen to be African Americans. Likewise, most of the social family structure in the African American communities have been female lead families. I think Islam come along with a strong male message and fills to void.

You don’t leave Jesus when you become a Muslim. Jesus is one of God’s mightest prophets and one cannnot be a Muslim if he doesn’t believe in him.

To be a Muslim you do not Leave Jesus :wink:

In Fact the Muslim Teaching converted many to recognize and Love Christ at a time when Christianity had not.

As a Baha’i I have not Left Christ, Love for Christ is Paramount to the Love of God.

How this can all be so is up to each individual to discover for themselves

God bless your Journey in and with Christ - Regards Tony

Well put our dear Muslim Brother :wink: :thumbsup:

It is the same for a Baha’i with Christ and Muhammad

As-salamu alaykum (السلام عليكم)

Regards Tony

Unfortunately everything he ever said was either lost or destroyed until Muhammad, correct? And everything Jesus’s disciples ever said was either lost or destroyed until Muhammad, correct?

Hi Amoon, Jesus is the Son of God. To believe in Him is to accept that He isn’t just a good prophet or one of many. Likewise, He died on the Cross and is risen again. Islam teaches that didn’t happen and it was an impostor in His place. You can’t have it both ways.

God created heavens and earth, and created us, and created Jesus. The creator only shoub be worshiped and not his creations.

Jesus worshiped God and prayed to him, and so we do.

Quran 3:59 Indeed, the example of Jesus to Allah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said to him, “Be,” and he was.

Dronald - I would not see it that way - I found this which is further advice to humanity from God, it is worth thinking about.

It is not that the Words are lost, it is that we will not look at them!

"Yea, inasmuch as the peoples of the world have failed to seek from the luminous and crystal Springs of divine knowledge the inner meaning of God’s holy words, they therefore have languished, stricken and sore athirst, in the vale of idle fancy and waywardness. They have strayed far from the fresh and thirst-subduing waters, and gathered round the salt that burneth bitterly. Concerning them, the Dove of Eternity hath spoken: “And if they see the path of righteousness, they will not take it for their path; but if they see the path of error, for their path will they take it. This, because they treated Our signs as lies, and were heedless of them.” 7 (Quran 7:145)

To this testifieth that which hath been witnessed in this wondrous and exalted Dispensation. Myriads of holy verses have descended from the heaven of might and grace, yet no one hath turned thereunto, nor ceased to cling to those words of men, not one letter of which they that have spoken them comprehend. For this reason the people have doubted incontestable truths, such as these, and caused themselves to be deprived of the Riḍván of divine knowledge, and the eternal meads of celestial wisdom.

By accepting the Koran, a Christian moves forward in the Love of God.

God Bless and regards Tony

Christians do not believe Jesus was created but one with God from the beginning. There lies the difference. You would say as a Muslim, Jesus was a prophet and created like any other, Christians believe that Jesus was one with the Father and is God as part of the trinity view of God. There lies the crux of the difference between the two faiths. This thread is about conversions between the two faiths and they are not the same at all based on the major difference on our view of Jesus and who He is and how you would view Mohammed as the last and final prophet of Allah.

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