Christianity VS Protestantism in the media

Looking at all the so called christian media out there I barely see any that is true the the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ (the Catholic Church), why is it that it is the protestant christians instead of us Christian Catholics leading the charge on this?
I can see why young people get the sucked into protestantism with all the music artist, movies on their tv channels, and religious and fiction books, then they get their brain washed with the all the lies being told about our Lord’s Church…

anyone out there have any ideas on how we can get the truth out there using popular media? You never know who might be reading :smiley:

I have no great ideas at the moment.
Check out this thread, it may shed a bit of light on this problem.
Why so much protestant TV and radio?

First, the secular media is militantly anti-Christian, including anti-Protestant. But, I think Catholic priests are treated more kindly that Protestant ministers (if the minister is a white male, you know he’s a bad guy).

I don’t think the Christian media is very effective at bringing people to Christianity, or even with keeping people in it. The Catholic Church should be very pleased to be under-represented on Christian television, which is dominated by hustlers and is practically unwatchable to anyone without gray hair.

Why do young people get sucked into protestantism? The first reason is because the Protestant church is bigger, bigger in America than everything else combined. The next reason is because Protestants try harder to get new people.

It’s not just the Catholic Church that is struggling. Protestantism is on the decline. We live in an age where our children are taught to be Atheists or Secular Humanists in public schools and by the media.

I find the title of your thread and much of your post highly offensive, inflammatory, and not in line with Catholic teaching.

I converted to Catholicism after 47 years of evangelical Protestantism.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, many of the Protestant sects ARE Christians, and their baptisms are legitimate (Trinitarian formula). These sects teach a portion of the Gospel. Protestants are considered “separated brethren.”

I would like to suggest that instead of looking down your nose with obvious derision on Protestants and labelling them as liars who spread untruths about Catholicism, that you get to know some Protestant Christians and become friends with them. Perhaps eventually you be able to bring yourself to visit their churches in order to better understand Protestant Christianity and its appeal.

I would say that the reason why the Protestant Church attracts a great many people is that Protestants INVITE people to become Christians, hence the name, “Evangelicals.” Meanwhile many Catholics remain fundamentalist-type separatists who attend Mass and do very little to promote the Church of Jesus Christ among the non-Catholics. Most Catholics never approach their Protestant friends and acquaintances with any type of warm and friendly invitation because they expect the clergy to do the work of evangelism.

The Bible says that we will be held accountable for not offering the Gospel to those in desperate need. How can any of you sit back and do nothing while your Protestant friends have nothing except good music and the Bible? Doesn’t it break your heart to see these churches with nothing to offer except a Book instead Jesus Christ Truly Present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity?

In all the years before I became a Catholic, I was never approached by any Catholic and invited to come to Mass or check out the Catholic Church, although I will say that many Catholics behaved in a charitable and kind-hearted way to me and never called me a “liar” or accused me of spreading lies about their Church.

DChacon, I agree that there are some Protestant sects and some Protestants who are on a personal warpath against the Catholic Church. But the majority of Protestants bear no ill will against Catholics and the Catholic Church. Indeed, many Evangelical Protestants are investigating Catholic teachings and either adopting many of their practices, or even converting as we did.

Please cease from your hostile attitude against Protestants and instead, choose to love them into the Catholic Church.

Sucked into protestantism, eh?
So we’re a cult now?

Cool beans bro, keep up the hate.

Seriously, does the difference between Catholic and Protestant media even MATTER?

It’s the same basic message.

Do you have any Protestant friends? Don’t you HATE it when Protestants say “Christian and Catholic,” insistant on making a clear distinction between the two? Yes?


Protestant VERSUS Christian? GIVE ME A BREAK. You may be a part of the one true Church, but you are NOT being a good example of a Christian. Our Protestant brothers and sisters share the love of the VERY SAME GOD, love the VERY SAME STORIES, and all worship the ONE TRUE KING. REally, your insistance to drive a wedge between prostenats and Catholics is DISGUSTING. Are they doin it wrong? Sure, They get things wrong. But this is NOT THE POINT. THis is like saying OH NOES don’t listen to Christian radio because they’re all protestants wil anti Catholic agendas When really, when you listen to their music, you’ll rarely find anything that is disctinctly anti Catholic. Yay, praise Jesus! THe bible is cool! We wanna go to heaven! Yippy Skippy!

Protestants =/= the complete antithesis of Catholicism. We share SO DARN MUCH, and yet people like you insist on seeing NONE of it

People like you, I swear, make me ashamed to have brought my BBF onto this site. Every time stuff like this crops up I PRAY she doesn’t see it because it akes me ashamed to be associated with people who believe **** like this.

I detect a lot of honesty but also insecurity on both sides here. Snap out of it brothers and sisters!

Apparently we are that devious.

Did I mention paranoia? Must’ve slipped my mind.

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