Christianity's Today article about Pope Francis' public confession


Here’s a link to an interesting article from Christianity Today, which is The magazine that best represents the Evangelical Protestant viewpoint, but is generally very supportive of the Catholic Church, and even occasionally publishes articles by Catholics:

The comments are especially interesting! Perhaps some of you would enjoy jumping into the debate!


:thumbsup: Thank you, that was interesting and hopeful.




Good article, thanks for sharing this! :thumbsup:

Christianity Today is a moderate Evangelical magazine. They were among the few to call Pat Robertson out for his “divorce your wife if she has Alzheimer’s” crud, and they were supportive of Fr. Neuhaus’ Evangelicals and Catholics Together (or, as it’s sometimes called, ECT. It was pretty shocking to some. :D) initiative.

So I’m not surprised to see them take this stance, though I could do without the “Catholics are not Christians” (then what exactly was Calvin’s hero Augustine?) and “Peter, not Judas, was the devil” (pretzel logic at its finest) comments by some of our, um, separated brethren. :smiley:


I liked this article, it was very insightful. What disturbed me were some of the comments I read below it. Seeing the Catholic Church described as “whoreish” is, at best, upsetting but I really am amazed at the lack of…I don’t know what, but it’s definitely a lack. :frowning:
Some of the comments were wonderful, admittedly, but I think the majority of non-Catholics still have such an amazing lack of understanding about what the Church is. When I read the one comment that referred to Peter as the devil, I was astounded.
We still have such division - I can only think that God looks at us and just sadly shakes His head sometimes.


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