ChristianMingle loses lawsuit, must now include gay singles

#1, an online dating service for Christian singles, must start allowing people to seek out same-sex relationships under a judge-approved settlement.

ChristianMingle only required new users to specify whether they’re a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. Two gay men filed class-actions claims against the site’s owner, California-based Spark Networks Inc., claiming that the site’s limited options violated California’s anti-discrimination law, The Wall Street Journal reported.

State law requires businesses to offer “full and equal” accommodations and services to people regardless of their sexual orientation.


I don’t see how they can be forced to do that. If gays are not rejected from using the site, they already have full and equal accommodation to use the services; the fact that the services aren’t interesting to them is irrelevant.


If I was joining a site called CHRISTIAN MINGLE, I would expect it to have faithful Christ followers, not people who engage in what God disapproves of. So, I would not want to be a woman on there getting a message from a woman who was looking for “love” like these men who sued…why did they sue? because they wanted to force a private dating business to accept things contrary to Christ.


Well, hopefully this website can find ‘creative ways’ around this too. I can think of a couple things they could do to ‘discourage’ any same sex activity.


American courts have an anti-Christian agenda. These are the kinds of judgments that come from leftist trying to shove their anti-Christian agenda down the throats of the faithful.

It is not enough to tolerate. One must also submit to the morality of the leftist orthodoxy of these anti-Christian bigots.


Why didn’t the websites owners even appeal? They could have done that, right?! This doesn’t just include, but also Catholic dating website “” as well as “” and “” per the Washington Times article and WSJ blog.


I wonder if they faced increased scrutiny in California because that is where they are based (not sure if this legally makes a difference). Perhaps if they were headquartered in another state, they could get around this ruling. Either way since they reached a settlement it doesn’t appear that they intend to fight this. There have been a lot of dumb court cases recently about businesses and religious accommodations but this one may be even dumber than the gay wedding cake and gay wedding photographer cases. It’s a website, so you can’t legitimately claim that there is no alternative service available like they did in those other cases. This certainly does not bode well for other religious business owners.


The site isn’t called Catholic Mingle – it’s called Christian Mingle. And there are multiple Christian denominations that accept homosexual activity and same-sex marriage.


Faith palm


There are plenty of Christians that are not Catholic that still adhere to actual Christianity too, including the actual Christian teaching on life values.

Most Christians are more Christian than most Catholics in this regard.

Just because some Catholics here find it convenient to pretend that anti-Christian teachings are actually Christian, just because leftist adhere to them, does not in any way change what Christianity is, and always has been.


Must I, as a gay man submit to the morality of the anti gay bigots? The anti gay agenda that wishes to take away my right to be married and adopt children? Again this is not catholic mingle and having gay people on the site is not infringing on others straight singles in any way.


From Christian Mingle’s web site:

Our aim is the serve the entire Christian community by helping connect people with shared beliefs and values. As such, we have not aligned with any one particular denomination or church. To help facilitate compatible matches, we encourage members to fill out their profiles thoroughly and communicate their religious preference.

Whether folks like it or not, the term Christian no longer de facto means disapproval of homosexual activity and same-sex marriage. This site itself doesn’t even define what it means by Christianity. If people from the WBC can participate and call themselves Christian, gays should too according to the wide open nature of this site’s use of the term Christian.


You as a gay man may flaunt any morality that you chose to flaunt it.

You may even carry an anti-Christian agenda into your decisions and avow that anyone who does not agree with your decisions, such as the Magesterium of the Catholic Church is all about anti-gay bigotry.

The Magesterium of the Church is a Christian Magesterium that even many non-Catholics still believe in to one extent or another. Christians rejecting Christian teachings in no way changes what Christianity has always been.

And that, according to an anti-Christian morality that rejects the Magesterium and the greater part of Christian, would justify you in shoving your morality into the faces of everyone that believes otherwise.

That is what the leftist orthodoxy is all about these days.


I think a Christian dating service should set their own standards of dating according to their own moral values.


Ditto. Jewish, Muslims, Pagans, and Buddhists too. I mean, it’s THEIR site.


The leftist bigots who have legislate from the American courts have different ideas.


This, if nothing else, should prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the gay agenda is not about love, it’s about forcing the world to comply.

There are plenty – dozens!! – of gay dating websites/apps. It’s not like there are gay people out there weeping in the corner because they can’t find another homosexual to go debauch with. They target the Christians (not the Muslims, because they’re terrified of them) and use legal force to bully them.

Homosexuality isn’t about love. Never has been, never will be. It’s about holding the Christian world hostage, making them go along with a perverse sexual fetish.


/claps. This. A thousand times this.


How do you know that a person with same-sex attraction isn’t adhering to those values? Perhaps they have accepted their same sex attraction and are determined to remain celibate and are looking for a relationship with someone who shares those values.

People always say they don’t hate homosexuals they just don’t condone homosexual acts but nothing in this article states that they are wanting to use this site to engage in homosexual acts. If a Christian homosexual wants to connect with other Christian homosexuals precisely because they are looking for someone who shares their values who are we to judge them and presume they will engage in sexual activity?

We don’t assume that single Christians using these sites are going to engage in pre-marital sex. It’s called Christian “mingle” not Christian “sex hook-ups.”


This is what you get from civil rights laws and public accommodation theory. And this case alone consumed over half a million dollars. Was this a good use of that money? A business should be able to serve whomever they want with whatever terms they want. That not being the case the future for Christian businesses is clear and it’s not good.

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