It is also coming into the US.
The School of Social Work I graduated from puts a huge priority on Diversity. But a professor recently wrote a letter to the daily newspaper denouncing Catholics for their position on abortion. She still hasn’t been criticized, let alone fired.

Imagine if she had criticized Muslims, who hold a similar position, for this or any other belief.

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I’d rather not whine, but bear it patiently.

Bear WHAT patiently?

There’s a trend of passivity in the Church, disguising itself as Christian acceptance.

Christians are told to turn the other cheek when slapped. I accept that. But Jesus never said to turn the other cheek when millions of children are being slapped.

Too many Christians are lamenting prolifers as “divisive”. The problem for them is not so much children being aborted, but that people are arguing about something.

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I was talking about the Muslim comment. As for being actively pro-life I agree.

Actually I agree much more with Muslims than with the “Unity at any price” Christians. They make a virtue out of harmony. For some it’s the only virtue.

I’m not talking about that, just the Christianphobia.

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