Christians and pole dance/pole fitness

A close relative of ours has taken up pole dancing and is quite good at it. She is also a practicing Christian (Protestant) and doesn’t seem to think that her faith and her hobbies conflict- “it’s just a sport”.

I don’t know how she doesn’t see that from the attire, to the moves, to the pole dancing culture everything about pole dancing is counter to a chaste lifestyle. She even does pole dancing shows for the family, where people go with their children. How can I explain to her why I don’t think that it’s appropriate to bring my children in the first place, but even for her to be investing her life in this (it’s really more than just a hobby).

We have a very good and open relationship otherwise, I don’t doubt that she can handle my honesty, I just want to make sure that it actually helps her see the problem with it.

If you don’t feel her pole dance performances are appropriate for your children to see, then you don’t have to go to them, and you may want to express your reservations regarding your children seeing them, of course. As a parent that’s your right and duty–to determine what is best for your children. :slight_smile:

OTOH, it’s not really up to you to tell her that she shouldn’t be doing pole dancing because that’s a matter of prudential judgment on her part. I wouldn’t try to get her to see as evil what she sees as innocent. It’ll probably upset her and may damage your relationship. That’s my :twocents:, anyway.

I didn’t realize that pole dancing as a “thing” outside of strip clubs. If she isn’t naked I wouldn’t necessarily assume its intrinsically wrong…probably a matter of prudential judgment. Elegantly swinging one’s body around a pole definitely takes a great deal of skill and strength.

How do you feel about women’s gymnastics?
Or barre exercises?

Pole dancing has become a sport in recent years. Not uncommon to see it being done at street fairs and other family events. The women doing it in that setting are generally dressed like Olympic gymnasts and it is performed as a gymnastic activity, not in a sexual manner. If this lady is doing the type of gymnastic pole dancing that people are taking their children to see, is wearing an athletic leotard while doing it as opposed to a bikini or pasties, and she is not working as a bar dancer, then I see it as being none of anyone’s business except hers and possibly her husband’s.

Pole dancing is a blast! About 8 or 9 years ago when it was first taking off, I signed up for a discounted class through Groupon, but I didn’t have the upper body strength to do a lot of the more acrobatic moves. I really liked it though. I decided to make it a fitness goal.

A couple of years later, after losing some weight and gaining a little strength, I tried it again. It was much easier and still very fun, but I tired quickly because of the muscle required. I added some weightlifting to my routine 18 months or so ago, and as soon as I’m no longer pregnant and I have the doc’s permission, I’m signing up for a weekly class at a studio to help me “bounce back”.

By all means, don’t take your kids, that’s your call. But fitness pole dancing isn’t sexual or tawdry and it would be presumptuous for you to approach her as though she’s doing something wrong, especially if her husband is supportive. It develops strength, flexibility, and makes you feel good about yourself. It’s a lot of fun to spin around upside down to music, or to jump off mid-spin and feel like you’re flying.

It’s fitness, not lewdness. If you are uncomfortable, don’t watch.

I agree with the previous posters. A name change may help, vertical fitness device, or vertical exercise?

Vertibar resistance training!


Pole dancing has been pretty popular as a fitness workout and just a generally fun activity for a while now.

I don’t get the fitness aspect. Back in my sinful youth I seem to recall most strippers on a pole as chain smoking, boozing, rough types. Not very athletic…

Alright, so I see that many of you consider pole dancing as “just a sport”, my question to all men, when you see the women in a two-piece nothing doing the splits around the bar and the whole routine, is that what you are thinking: “cool, what a sport!” ?

And to all women, would you sign your daughter up for it?
Honestly, if to all men who see pole dancing it’s nothing but a sport, and you’d all be comfortable with having your daughters join a class, I’ll buy it.

Pole dancing isn’t the same as stripping or burlesquing. I think there’s still a stigma where people connect pole dancing to stripping but it’s been its own thing for awhile now. Other sports have similar outfits and movements. Volleyball, swimming, track and field, ballet dancing, etc. I think it’s pretty cool and amazing. I couldn’t climb the rope in gym, and these women are doing amazing displays of upper body strength and grace.

Fitness pole requires an insane amount of upper body and core strength. I do trapeze, which activates similar muscles and it has made a huge difference to my core and upper body strength.

There is pole dancing to seduce, and there is pole dancing for fitness. I think people here are talking about pole dancing in a typical pair of gym leggings and a tshirt rather than a bikini.

I don’t have a daughter, but as long as it was the fitness version of pole dancing I wouldn’t care if my teenage sister joined a class. I’ve considered joining myself, but I will stick to my trapeze :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a daughter, but I’ve seen the gymnastic form of pole dancing and it’s similar to doing acrobatics on a trapeze or a balance beam, it just uses a pole. As long as my daughter wore a normal acrobatic outfit or costume, as opposed to a skimpy g-string and 4 inch heels, and the routine was acrobatic as opposed to sexual (it’s pretty easy to spot the difference as the majority of pole dancers doing this in the girlie bars do NOT have “Flashdance” acrobatic skills), I’d have no problem with it.

If I were young and physically fit I’d be tempted to try it myself as studios now offer pole dancing classes. At my age I’d probably end up breaking a hip though.

Ever seen Olympic gymnastics? Leotards and splits abound. It’s similar to that, just different equipment.

I’ve personally never lost a fistful of ones at a gymnastics meet.
However, now that I know the two are the same, I wonder what the reaction will be when I start stuffing dollar bills in leotards…

It is good to know that young ( or old) SAHMs have skills that can be used to help with family finances should things he tight.

You draw no distinction between a fitness dance studio and a strip club? You don’t think context matters at all?

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