‘Christians are just healthier’: One family’s cost-sharing alternative to Obamacare


OMAHA, Neb. – “If you are a committed Christian,” the contract begins, “you do not have to violate your faith by purchasing government-approved health insurance.”

Every year, Gary Duff signs an updated version of these 40-page terms, which detail one way Americans can avoid buying private insurance or paying into the Affordable Care Act.

The deal, made possible by a little-known provision in the health-care law, has one particularly important requirement: The Duff household of nine must abstain from general debauchery.



Ironic. The link you posted did not take me to the article you described but to one that related the story who had to drop her health insurance because she could not afford it. She needed a colonoscopy but could not afford one until she got coverage under the ACA.

The second time I clicked on it, it did take me to your article.


The notion that “Christians are just healthier” is a fallacy.


It’s also not clear it’s what the man quoted was actually saying. The headline is just sensationalism, and the way the quotation was parsed, it appears he was saying that practitioners of monogamy have lower rates of STD’s. Which is true.


That is really only true if both partners are virigins…a highly unlikely scenario in today’s world.



Even if they have an STD, or two, or three between them, if they are monogamous, they are still not exposing themselves to the fourth, fifth, etc., nor are they communicating the STD’s they already have to the likewise non-monogamous other partners.


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