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2008-09-28 Seder Meals Violate the 1st Commandment

You might check this out around this time fellow Catholics and other christians too. I just heard Laura Ingraham saying she went to many of the meals. She probably never thought of this. I never had before I heard this.

Whoops! I didn’t mean to put this here, but it’s here nonetheless.


To be honest, I don’t see how this could violate the 1st Commandment, since Catholics and Jewish people both follow the same 10 Commandments. If anything, going to a seder helps us keep in mind of Where We Came From, which sadly, too many Catholics are losing sight of, in my opinion.


This wouldn’t make sense, as Jesus Himself celebrated Passover with the Seder; so does that mean He violated the First Commandment Himself? Doesn’t make sense.


I attended my first Seder meal at my parish’s rectory this past Tuesday. WHy would it be wrong?


Jesus changed the service and made all things new. Doing an outdated service denies that. Merely watching a Jewish service is not bad, but pointless, for reasons listed below. If you want to learn about salvation history, read a book, preferably by TAN or Roman Catholic Books, but there’s “How Christ Said the First Mass” also.

Besides, after their last temple was destroyed and their records were also ruined, biblical Judaism was over. They added rites and books not commanded or endorsed by God, so it’s not really real, anyway.



Jesus didn’t change change the way it was done, I’m afraid to say. Scott Hahn made a good point about the Seder in his talk, “The Fourth Cup”. I would like to address your issue regarding Jewish development after the Temple, but that would derail the topic…


Yeah, I heard that talk. They would drink from the cup four times, but Jesus was going to drink the 4th cup in Heaven (it was more technical than that, I’m sure). There you have it. No more 4th cup and the addition of the giving of his flesh and blood to be done by his new priesthood.

Still, can we really be sure how the Jews exactly do their Seder? Do they even do it now how they did it? In any case, the sermon was not from one who’s divorced himself from Church teaching. If a chief rabbi said our higher clergy has gone liberal, maybe we should listen to this priest, as he is not making this up. That would be more prudent, I think. Err on the side of caution against backsliding.

Besides, I doubt any Catholic ever did this Seder meal thing before Vatican 2, unless maybe one acting in Hollywood or a big-timer in New York, so I bet no pre-Vatican 2 pope had any conception of addressing this. Does the Catechism of the Council of Trent cover this?


I attended a passover seder on Thursday. It was at the home of my Jewish friends. We read from the haggadah. And then there was a lovely kosher dinner. There were 30 of us, some Jews, some not. My friend decorated her table with frogs, at least a hundred of them, to commemorate the second plague. Her husband wore a frog tie. She wore a frog sweater. Very cute.

There was an older couple in attendance who were from Russia. They shared about how difficult it was years ago to have their passover meals there. They had to hide it from the govt. We were reminded of the freedoms we have here in the US.

I was also reminded that Jesus was a Jew and that He attended a passover meal on the Thursday before He was crucified. I was honored to attend.

Holy Thursday is not a holy day of obligation.

There is no reason to avoid a seder meal.


Jesus’s Passover was a transitional one that would end the old one, at least in the way the old one was done. I will, however, go to a Seeger Meal, where you sing “Turn the Page” and others of his songs. LOL


At this Seeger Meal, do you play “Old Time Rock and Roll” in a pink shirt and underwear? If so, I’ll gladly join in.

(Sorry…just watched Risky Business)




How about a cedar meal. Those are some good tastin’ trees!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with attending a Seder meal.


Why do you not, then, hear of Christians having Bat/Bat Mitzvahs or Purim. Are Christians putting blood on their doors? Why not give your best of what you’ve produced to church and give it to the priest? Why so selective with how you want to relive Judaism. Do any Jews reenact Melchiezedek’s service? They knew that a different priesthood was created by God then and we got a different one from God. Christianity is what God intended Judaism to be. We can watch a play about Moses, but we don’t participate in the rites they had then–esp. if it’s a Jewish service conducted by Jews.

Besides, as I said, they added stuff not revealed by God. Jews from all over went to the temple. They can’t even offer temple sacrifices, because the matter they had for their rite was burnt-up. They made stuff up. Don’t encourage them in their blindness.

If you do any seder, do it like how the Gospel had Jesus doing it, but even then, I don’t know if that was all that was said and done at the Last Supper. It could be like a The Nativity re-enactment. The kind the Jews had elsewhere that night–forget it. Instead, invite a Jew to the kind Jesus had, as much as the Gospels have it, plus the only 3 cups of the they drank. If any part of the Jewish kind is involved, I think it would have to reflect the change to the consecration part. I’m not a theologian, though, but the priest and his fellow priests on that site does know his/their stuff and is/are not schismatic.

Happy Easter!


That just made my day! :smiley:


The only Seder meal that I ever attended was a well-done fundraiser done at a catholic church.

We paid money to receive a meal but when my children went in, we were each given a different color ticket.

A certain ticket got a beautiful lamb dinner from soup to nuts while the other ticket got some small amount of basically nothing to remind them of the poor in the world and what they eat every day and I think there was even a third ticket that got an in between small meal.




Exactly. It’s where Christ came from. It’s his background. And it’s not like you’re attending a Black Mass.


He was the transition between the old and the new. He created his new priesthood with a fulfillment of His laws. Until he made a new priesthood, Judaism was still the faith, though Jesus was intending for them to accept it as an evolution of Judaism as had been. He meant for us to do things the new way when he made things the new way. Since the Jews live in spiritual darkness, which is inspired by Satan, the Jewish Passover is a rite created once by God, but perpetuated by Satan after Christ made all things new. Besides, why aren’t you putting lamb’s blood on your doors? Why not still bring our best stuff to church. We could have farmers cutting their thoroughbred’s throats on the altar. Isn’t that what they did in Jesus’s day at the temple (maybe I’ve got the wrong event) or are we doing the non-Biblical pointless passover not instructed by God or valid authorities? Why are you all being so picky about the Jewish rituals in which you intend to participate? If you go to a Jewish event and you do more than watch, you’re supporting false worship of God. You can’t do that at Protestant services. I rest my case. It’s interesting how people will go to those, but not to Latin Masses, which are not false worship. If you participate in Jewish services, why not participate in sedevacantist services and see how it was like before Vatican 2, as they don’t just do pre-Vatican 2 rites, they live as if it didn’t happen and popes since Bl. John 23rd didn’t get validly elected. Why so picky?

The only Passover for us is what we get in the Gospel reading on Holy Thursday and the piece of it said every Mass time. Let us rejoice.

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