Christians being crowded out of health-care fields, editor warns

Catholic doctors are being squeezed out of the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, the editor of a Christian law review has warned.

John Duddington, the editor of Law and Justice, reports that Catholics and others with strong moral convictions face barriers to entry in pharmacy, geriatrics, and midwifery as well. Duddington writes that Christians need to recognize the problem and respond before these fields are left entirely to secularists.

This is very sad, especially considering the major contributions Catholic medical practitioners and Catholic hospitals have made to the medical field and to healthcare.
Without Catholic hospitals a lot of people in third world countries would not have access to any form of healthcare.

I suspect it might be in part to their opposition to abortion, euthanasia and related life issues.
My brother is a doctor, my sister a physiotherapist and my brother in law sells medical equipment to hospitals, so I know a couple of people in the medical field through them. It’s shocking how many of them support , assisted suicide, euthanasia and abortion. Nearly all of them also support embryonic stem cell research. Some of them also don;t take kindly to anyone disagreeing with them on these issues.

The irony is Catholic doctors are being crowded out of their field for upholding the Hippocratic oath, especially the part on doing no harm to their patients.

Not to mention the part of the Hippocratic Oath that says not to procure an abortion.

I work in geriatric healthcare and was also surprised at how many people who claim Christianity as their faith are open to Euthanasia. As the world turns away from God, so will many who are called to care for society.

Today is feast day for St. John of God, who started the Hospitaller Brothers Order, dedicated to health care. St. John of God, pray for us, that the faithful will not be pushed out of healthcare by those in power who are hostile or intolerant toward religion.

Guys, America is dead. Let’s keep fighting though. Someday, Jesus will make this right.

This isn’t just about America. Doctors elsewhere are facing the same fate.

Acknowledge God.
Take the next right step.
Be a sign of hope to those around you.


Holy Mary, Mother of God
spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all humanity,
now and at the hour of our death

True, it’s worldwide.
I think I remember hearing that Pope Francis has said we’re in World War III.

And that he’s called for special prayers on March 13 and 14.
Our weapon: The Rosary.

Yep! Just the same way Catholic adoption agencies are being “crowded out” of business simply for refusing to abandon doctrine. Our brave new world!..:rolleyes:

Peace, Mark

I completely agree with the title of the article. As someone trying to become a physician, I’m painfully aware of how few specialties I can enter and still keep both my job and my faith. Some days, it doesn’t seem like it’s a possibility or worth the fight. I know a lot of other bright, young Catholics who seem to be ruling out career options due to the difficulties they would face for being Catholic.

Although Catholics and other Christians may not suffer the same stigma as Muslims in the West, in some ways I think it’s easier to be a good Muslim in Europe and North America than a good Catholic.

My husband, as a physician, doesn’t think this is true at all. When you interview for a residency spots, you would be hard pressed to find medical students who would say they were willing to perform abortions. They don’t teach that in medical school. The vast majority of doctors graduating would say that it violates the “do no harm” standard. Abortions are not typically performed by our best and brightest physicians. They are typically done by doctors who have fallen from grace, so to speak.

Remember the uproar from abortion supporters when a new law was proposed that required abortion doctors to be credentialed at a local hospital? That is not an issue for doctors in good standing. Doctors in good standing have their hospital credentials (in other words, a hospital trusts them).

The article is high on accusations but weak on proof.

I think it more about future concerns. We know that with the Affordable Care Act, there is great concern because of what has happened in the UK in December 2014.

The UK’s highest court has told two Catholic midwives they do not have the right to avoid supervising other nurses involved in abortion procedures.

The Supreme Court in London ruled that Mary Doogan and Connie Wood should have to support staff who are caring for patients having terminations.

The midwives previously won their case at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s appeal said the right to abstain should only extend to treatment ending a pregnancy.

I think Mayor Bloomberg required all doctors in NYC to perform abortions.

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