Christians Coming together...

I have a question… Most of the time when looking up the numbers of people in a specific religion, Catholic and other forms of Christianity are separated. Many like to believe that Islam is taking over as the worlds most practiced religion.

What do you think will happen if it came to some sort of world religious war? Will Christians unite, or stay as separate denominations? I hope this never happens, but just an intriguing scenario nevertheless.

Revert TSIEG

I have a feeling they would unite in the same way that Americans pulled together immediately after 9/11. There were no Alaskans or Texans, African Americans or Caucasians - we were all simply Americans. Crisis has a way of uniting people for a common purpose, and I think that’s what might happen in the case of Christian demoninations too.

This really seems to be an unfair comparison. Islam has out grown Catholicism, but they are every bit as divided, maybe even more so, than Protestantism. A more fair comparison might be Christianity and Islam.

Muslims, by the way, is not contracepting themselves into oblivion as Christians are.

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