Christians flee Syria’s Kessab, Armenia accuses Turkey


Why aren’t Christians around the world helping these people?


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The article you cited is the re-post of an Iranian news story. I am skeptical of any news written by Iranian media, much less an Iranian story about Syria.


I understand. But sadly news services like these are more. Reliable than traditional news outlets. And even sadder still there is
plenty of evidence straight from the horses mouth to back these stories up.
You can go to these terrorist groups own web sites to see videos of thier beheading orgies they hold in many of the towns viliages they occupy. You see the terrible thing is, they don’t have to make these stories up. And as long as we hold on to our old predujices these will continue to happen. McCain will still be able to pose with these people and compare them to Americas founding fathers. We wouldn’t know about Turkey’s suspected role in those chemical attacks that Kerry tried to use as an excuse for the u.s to launch airstrikes on Syria.
We wouldn’t know about the Obama administration supplying equipment and training to al-queda in Syria. I remember early on in this conflict our government using a story about the Assad regime launching an airstrike on a breadline killing innocent women and children. They used this story every chance they got to spruce the “rebels” cause. Until footage was released showing all those killed in that air strike where military age men dressed in camp fatigues. Futher still the footage showed them spreading loaves of bread around. Once this footage was released, the story of the bakery bombing died the fastest death of any news story in a long time. As long as we hold on to these predujices many many Christians will continue to suffer and die.


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