Christians in Britain feel pressure to be 'silent about their faith', warns former Archbishop of Canterbury


George Carey says Christians feel they must hide their religion at work
Former Archbishop warns about 'increasing timidity' of the faithful
Also speaks out against attacks on Christians in the Middle East


that intimidation is here in the USA as well, i haven't read the article, but employers do discriminate against Christians, they are not supposed to, and the law does protect against such employment practices and i am almost certain one is not allowed to be fired for needing to attend a Holy Day of obligation, but how is one to prove it is the problem.

Good luck telling a possibly employer that you can not work on Sundays' because it is the Lords' day, or even that you need certain hours off on a Sunday to attend mass, I have literally had a manager look at my forehead to make sure i had ashes on Ash Wed and that i didn't just sleep in from work.

It is a lot easier to not request time off or hours off from work before hand, than it is to go into an employer and risk not being hired for asking.. That in America bringing up court cases against Christians is the newest thing, if it even might risk offending someone because they can visually see something related to Christianity and even more if one is in ear shot of possibly hearing a pray being said that person or establishment or city council risks facing a lawsuit, from anyone an their uncle.

So welcome to the club Britain


"Secular society is perfect. All people, free to hold their own beliefs! The state will be indifferent to, and ignore the existence of, religion! Nobody will be able to force their beliefs on another!" says the secularist.

"Yeah, suuuure. No pressure on personal beliefs. Riiiight." I say after reading the article.


All you need to do is look at another article on the page. A customer had to go to another checkout line because the Muslim cashier would not ring up alcohol. Once Christians begin taking their faith more seriously so will others.

From the article: *Christian workers who asked not to be made to conduct civil partnership ceremonies or to give sex advice to gay couples have been sacked, and judges have ruled that those who do not like their employer’s rules should find another job.

M&S store chiefs, however, told Muslim checkout workers they were entitled to abide by their religious belief that they should not handle alcohol or pork. A spokesman for the chain insisted yesterday that its rules put customer service first, adding: ‘We apologise that this policy was not followed in the case reported.’*

Until Christians create negative consequences, meaning going on the offensive, for those treating them unfairly nothing will change.....


So welcome to the club Britain

This story is nothing new for Catholics in the UK. What is new is that the other denominations who attacked Catholics for hundreds of years and now getting similar treatment from the press and government.


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