Christians in India should be authentic disciples of Christ, says successor of Mother Teresa (CNA)

Rome, Sep 5, 2008 / 12:37 pm (CNA).- The Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity, Sister Mary Nirmala Joshi, said this week that, inspired by the example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, ?the Christian testimony needed today in India consists in being authentic disciples of Christ,? amidst the wave of anti-Christian violence which has so far taken the lives of 26 people in the region of Orissa.

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Date wise incidents of the Orissa
19.08. 08
Chakapada The threatening letter Reached Chakapada Ashram, posted date: 09/08/08. the letter advises the Swami to keep himself from all sorts of violence, and keep peace.
Swami Laxmananada reached in evening at Chakapada ashram.
Tumudibanda - Swami Reported to the Tumudibandha Police station about the letter and of his security.
Jalespata ashram-Around 7 pm armed militants entered to the Jaleshpata Ashram (Shankaracharya Shanskruta Kanyashram), including Swamijee 5 person were killed by bullet. On 8 pm police force reached to the ashram.
Jalespata Ashram One hand-written letter was found written by CPI Mauwadi where they have mentioned why they have done it.
Sambalpur The vehicle carrying HM sisters near Ainthapally in Sambalpur, a prayer chapel at Tentuliapadar in Sundargarh was also burned and destroyed.
Kandhamal Section 144 of ICP is declared in all over Kandhamal district. High alert in State. CM requested to all to maintain and keep Peace.
G. Udayagiri Kothagoda Sister were on the way of G Udayagiri, towords Berhampur, they were pulled out from the vehicle. Vehicle was then set on fire and the driver was severely beaten up.
Orissa In different places Road blocked and shops were off in Orissa.
Rupagaon-One man, a handicapped believer namely Rasananda Pradhan at Rupagaon, was burnt alive. He could not run to the forest when others rushed and saved their lives. As his two legs doesn’t function, he could not run and save himself when radicals out of rampage set ablaze that whole village, 25 houses together damaged at midnight.
Narayanapatna -The radicals Hindu completely burn two Churches called JEL Church and Fellowship Church. Houses of Adv. Pravat Kumar Bidika and his brother Bhaskar Bidika have completely demolished by the Sangh Parivar radicals in Koraput district.
Koraput-The VHP radicals in 1000 nos. have created havoc today in Koraput district. They have forcefully detained the Pastor of the JEL Church Bro. Prabhudan Pangi (76) in captive in a locked room after firing the Church and beating him very badly with some injuries. Beside that all properties of the local Christians they found there like their vehicles, cycles etc are burnt by the radicals today.
Koraput -In Bariniput, Kaligaon and Dhanpur villages 3 churches are on fire. The believers’ houses are looted in Koraput district.
Phulbani-More than 11 nos of the Christian houses are completely ransacked and two Pastor’s houses were also burnt today in Phulbani
Balliguda-This afternoon a Christian leader Ananda Pradhan’s house was totally ransacked along with the Christian Nua Sahi was also destroyed. All the Christian houses and Churches at Balliguda are destroyed by the radicals so far.
Mandakia-In Mandakia village of Raikia block, rampant damage has been done by the perpetrators to all the Christian families living there.
Deogarh-Bagibahal-Bagibahal village Church at Deogarh Dist. has been burnt today. In Deogarh main Baptist Church has been attacked and stoned today. **

Date-wise incidents
Chandrasekharpur, BBSR A small Believers Church at BDA, Chandrasekharpur, Siyon Sramika Slum at Bhubaneswar is ransacked today. The Christian families staying in the slum are threatened to bombed tonight.
Jayadev Bihar-BBSR An Independent Church in a slum behind Mayfair Hotel has been burnt by the radicals today.
Jagatsinghpur In Jagatsinghpur the AG Pastor Pratyush Kumar Barik’s rented house Church has been ransacked. The Land lord has been cautioned by the radicals to remove this Pastor’s family at once. Many house Church Fellowships in Jagatsinghpur Dist. have been attacked and ransacked.
Jajpur-Jaraka Mission India Missionary Matthew Lima (28) at Jaraka Mission Field of Jajpur Dist. has been severely beaten in front of his wife by the Bajrangis this evening by 05.30 to 06.30PM. Finally they took them saying that they are taking him to the Police Station but ultimately it was found out that he has been kidnapped.
Kalahandi In Narla of Kalahandi Dist, a Christian Pastor called Lalit Pattnaik has been severely beaten up and his house ransacked today. Alok Christian, an Evangelist has fled to the forest to save his life.
Khurda,Janla William Carey School of Dr. S.N. Patro at Janla, Khurda has been attacked this afternoon. Partially damaged and 2 school Buses are also damaged by 20 Nos. of radicals today
Govindapally In Govindapally, close to Boipariguda, protestors entered the Convent and damaged the grotto of Our Lady and the Cross of the Church yard. In the same district Fathers and Sisters in Koraput, Jeypore and Semiliguda are in hiding.
Kandhamal Procession with Swamiji’s Dead body started from Jalespata to Chakapada Through Balliguda, Raikia, G.Udayagiri, Tikabali, Phulani, Phiringia for the burial
Raikia Raikia Christian shops were vandalized and attacked after the procession of Swamijee’s dead body at 08.30 pm.
Judiciary inquiry committee is formed for the enquiry the incident of Swamijee’s killing
Pitapali Under Pitapali Police station-Pasara Police out post was damaged by the mob.
Kandhamal 2 nos IG and 2No DIG were Deputed to Kandhamal district.
Orissa govt Compensation package to death victims is announced by Chief Minister Rs. 2 lakhs.
Kandhamal Kandhamal S P Mr Nikhil Konodia and Police Station incharge of Tumudibadha is suspended.
Kandhamal R.P Koche (DIG) was charged as S.P of Kandhamal Dist.
Sundargada JEL Church and two nearby prayer houses at Talsara, Tentulipada, Sundergarh have been burnt few hours just after the death of Swamijee.
Orissa High alert is declared in State and all education institutions instructed to close by state administration.
Sankrakhol On 24th late night, Sankrakhol Parish church and presbytery were set on fire and ransacked, the parish priest Fr. Alexandar rush to forest. They also burnt Fr. Bernard’s four wheeler vehicle. Then they fled to jungle for security.
Khurda Pastor Jeebaratna Lima of Independent Church from Khurda district was attacked.
Ganjam district (24th Aug) Pastor, Bahumulya Naik, was attacked the same day in Bamunidei village.
K Nuagaon Arch diocese’s Pastoral Center(Divya Jyoti) and Jana Vikas, (NGO) was destroyed by the mob. **[/size]

Orissa Bandh declared by the Fundamentalist
All Buses, trains shops were closed all over orissa.
Orissa The Bandh resulted violence in some part and stopped life cicle of all orissa. broke out violence in different places of orissa
Kandhamal The mob is forcefully moving from one Christian village to another in G Udaygiri area and damaging the Christian properties. Bodimunda, Gadaguda, Telingia, Sukananda, Grecingia, Nuasahi, Kurmingia, Mallikpadi villages of G Udayagiri area under their attack.
Kandhamal Many Christians in (1000+nos) in Phiringia area fled to forest to save their lives. 305 Violators were arrested,
Curfew imposed in 8 places including Phulbani, Balliguda and G Udaygiri was extended to Tumudibandh, Phiringia, Sankorakhole, K Nuagon and Tikabali
Baragada Dist Khuntapali Orphange centre is set on fire, One female caretaker burnt alive one priest is injured, Police jeep, fire-station van damaged.
More than 100 four wheelers were burned Police personal were attacked.30 churches were burned. - Special crime branch team moved towards Kandhamal.
Bhadrak -In Jyoti Public School one Priest was Beaten and locked in a room. Rioters damaged all the assets of the institution.
Bhadrak -In the presence of Police, Carmel School of Ichhapur, was attacked. Six buses, two Marshal jeeps, Statue of Mother Mary and door and windows of ground floor were destroyed.
Bhubaneswar-This morning violent mobs made several attempts to enter the compounds of Catholic Church and Archbishop’s house in the heart of the Capital of the State of Orissa. They could not enter because of the police presence. Angry mob threw stones at the guest house of Archbishop’s House, damaging some windows panes. An institution like St. Arnold’s School Kalinga Bihar also was attacked.
Jajapur-duburi Another group of fundamentalists entered presbytery in Duburi parish, managed by the SVDs and destroyed and damaged property. Two priests of the parish are missing Duburi Parish. Fr. Simon Lakra is very badly beaten up and now is admitted in JMJ Hospital in Sambalpur.
Jajpur-Fr. Xavier Tirkey, Parish of Dhanmondal under Jajpur district is attacked by miscreants and is beaten mercilessly. Priests’ residence is ransacked.
Balliguda-On the same day at 10.30 a.m houses of Christian families in Christiansahi in Balliguda were destroyed and ransacked. In a similar incident houses in Nuasahi were set on fire destroying the whole street where Christian families lived. This incident took place at 11.30 a.m.
Balliguda-In the afternoon at about 1.00 P.M, Mr. Jamaj Parichha’s - Director of Gramya Pragati(NGO) - his house attacked and his vehicles were set ablaze, doors were cut into pieces and he was beaten up by the mob. He sustained severe head injury and is hospitalized.
Balliguda- In a very similar way, at 2 p.m. the house of Mr. Purna Naik resident of Bhudansahi was attacked and burnt into ashes. All his assets were removed from the house and were set on fire in a pile. As the violence continued in the village, mob ransacked the Christian houses burnt all their belongings. The women (Hindu) in the community were identifying the houses to be burnt down as the mob followed their instructions. Women also supplied kerosene to encourage the mob. **

K Nuagam On 24th escaped from the centre to hide in Mr. Jashawanta Pradhan’s house. On 25th, mob having the information about this forcefully entered the house dragging both of them outside. Fr. Chellan, Director of Pastoral centre, Kanjamendi father Thomas after he was beaten seriously made naked publicly and petrol was put over him to burn him alive through matches by the perpetrators’ but it was not firing due to rain. In the mean time Sr. Meena Barua, has been gang raped publicly and police arrived and rescued both of them.
K Nuagaon In Kanjamendi village all Christian houses were burnt and destroyed.
Paburia Paul Pradhan of Bareguda village under Tikabali Block who runs an NGO (Pallishree, at Paburia) in the district and works for the rights of dalits and Adivasis was also attacked in his house, office was destroyed completely.
Tiania villiage. In Tiangia village at 04.30 to 05.00 pm around 1000 perpetrators of sandhga-parivar chased and killed four Christians by dragger and sword on the road, whose names are Vikram Nayak-39, Dasharathi Pradhan-38, Surendra Nayak -40, and other’s name not mentioned, the deceased were trying to protect their church when the radical tried to fire Tiania villiage.
Raikia In Raikia, attacks are on as of 11.30 p.m. Houses of Bijay Parichha, Raju Parichha, Tarire Parichha, Pradeep Nayak, Jaya Mangel Nayak, Joseph Nayak, Kishore Nayak, Santosh Nayak,Raj kishor Digal and many other Christian houses.
Muniguda, Rayagada In Muniguda (closer to Tumudibandha, Rayagada district), as the mass was coming to an end two jeep loads of youth from the town entered the compound and started shouting slogans. The police arrived on time and prevented the situation from escalating. Three policemen have been deployed at the gate which has been destroyed. The Church and Convent at Muniguda could not be saved. Around 80 inmates under the leadership of Fr. Pius Ekka and Sr. Marina Chacko have taken rest in the forest. This happened in spite of the fact that Fr. Marshal Mihir Upasi was constantly in touch with the State Control Office of the Orissa Police and the Superintendent of Police of Rayagada. The mob first torched the police Jeep in Muniguda and then proceeded to the Convent and Church.
Boudh, Boudh, Catholic Priests’ House (Adjoining Kandhamal): Fundamentalists enter the Catholic parish church and destroy property. People are fleeing to safer places.
Bhawanipatna Pastor Sikandar Singh of the Pentecostal Mission beaten up and his house burnt Bhawanipatna
Kharihar.-3 Christian shops were looted and burnt. Pastor Alok Das and Pastor I M Senapati have beaten up Kharihar.
Aampani.-Pastor David Diamond Pahar, Pastor Pravin Ship, Pastor Pradhan and Pastor Barik beaten up and chased away with their families in Aampani.
K Nuagaon. Bikram Digal and Willium Digal – two believers have been detained by the Nuagaon Police. Radicals have planted knives and black masks (Naxalite gear) on them and dragged them to the police Nuagaon.
Sulesaru Churches razed to the ground at Adaskupa and Sulesaru Churches
Benagaberi Penagaberi village Church and believers houses are burnt
Phulbani, Amlapada Amlapada street, the radicals are destroying the Christian houses. Bro Arup Jena, Journalist PTI’s Mobike has been burnt along with few others in the neighboring houses in the mid night.
Tikabali Church and Day Care Center have been burnt this morning in Lahabadi. Christian houses completely destroyed this morning in Keredi village. Church and Pastor’s house destroyed this morning in Kambaguda. Tengeda padar village Church and Christian houses totally destroyed at midnight Tikabali.
Bhawanipatna Expecting an attack Fr. Manickthan, Bhawanipatna asked for protection, the S P expressed his inability to do anything due to the size of the mob. When Father suggested the SP on announcing curfew in the area and stop the mob’s movement, the angry S P retorted saying that Fr. need not give orders to him. Later in the forenoon both the ADM and the S P visited the Church compound and inspected the law and order situation. The Malankara hostel was attacked in Bhawanipatna, not far from the Catholic Church, and many children have been badly hurt. **

Dharmagarh Missionaries of Charity Sisters from Dharmagarh, unaware of the events from the previous night, were travelling to Bhawanipatna for Sunday Mass. Near the jail in Bhawanipatna town their ambulance was intercepted and pelted with stones. All the sisters sustained minor injuries from the stones and broken glass. The police arrived and sent them back in the same damaged vehicle to Dharmagarh. A group of police are guarding the Church in Jeypore after the threat of oncoming attacks. The police informed Fr. Bimol that some 200 people are preparing to attack the Church. Fr. Bimol and another Brother have taken shelter with nearby friends. Around 24 policemen are guarding the church compound in Mohana after road blocks started on Sunday evening. Additionally, a group of 9 police men are safeguarding the Church in Goudogotho village and the Cathedral.
Malkangiri, It is also reported that the Lutheran Church in Malkangiri, Padua, and Gunupur were destroyed. Fathers and Sisters along with the children in Gumuda have left the mission stations fearing attacks. On the 24th as the Congregation was coming out of the Church in Malkangiri, a group of angry youth harassed them and forced them to recite Bande Mataram. 22 Christian Families of Shanti Nagar (Givindapur) at the foothill of Taptapani Hot Spring were also assaulted and forced to leave the village.
Balasore In Balasore, Balsore Social Service Society (official social wing of the Balasore diocese) was attacked three times during the day. The mob shouting slogans broke all the window panes and destroyed a statue of Mother Mary which was installed in the BSSS office campus.
Baipariguda, Koraput Hindu protestors attacked Jyoti Niketan of Baipariguda in Koraput district in the afternoon. Father Joy Areeckal had to run into the forest and the hostel children and his social workers are subjected to insults and intimidation. The Presbytery has been destroyed along with all that it contained. A sad twist to the story is that the police along with the people seized wooden planks in spite of the fact that the carpenters who are building a new hostel building in the campus there claimed that it was bought by them. Consequently, a criminal case may be filed against Fr. Areeckal under the Forest Act.
Baipariguda, Koraput Mr. Routo Desinayak and Ms. Kalyani, who works for an agro-entrepreneurship program for SWAD at Boipariguda were also arrested under the forest protection act. Though the Police Officer and the Block Development Officer was not willing, the mob forced the police to tie Mr. Desinayak with a rope and drag him through the street up to the Forest Office. Miss Kalyani being a woman was spared of this ordeal.
Bargarh In Bargarh district, a mob of about 2000 people went around ransacking many church institutions and there were serious attacks on priests and nuns.
Sankorakhole At 3.30 am night morning Katima Church under Sankorakhol parish is burnt. Mr. Joseph Digal’s house and Mr. Paro Konhoro’s house is vandalized
At 10.30 pm, Fr. Bernard Digal, Treasurer, Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar was beaten very badly by the angry mob. He has got head injured and whole body is marked with iron rod marks. Mr. Sisir Nayak his driver lucky escaped from the mob and hid himself. Morning at 4.30 a.m he found Fr. Bernard lying in the open place almost dead. Immediately driver called archbishop about this incident. After the information to RDC, police rescued him from the spot and brought him to Tikabali and from there he was taken to Phulbani for treatment.
Raikia At around 10.30 pm mob attacked Peserama Pentecostal church in Raikia.
Mr. R.K. Digal a Baptist’s in Raikia house was attacked at 2.30 am night.
Berhampur diocese Suludi village under Berhampur diocese was attacked and some of the vehicles are burnt.
The following persons from different denominations met personally the Governor of Orissa appealing immediate security and protection.

  1. Mr. Asit Kumar Mohanty : Global Council of Indian Christians(GCIC) on behalf Dr. Sajan K. George-President.-GCIC
  2. Fr. Joseph Kalathil : Catholic Church, BBSR-on behalf of the Arch Bishop Chhenath
  3. Dr Sworupananda Patro : Orissa Minority Forum & All Orissa Baptist Churches Federation
  4. Mr. Bibhu Dutta Das : Utkal Christian Council
  5. Rev. P.S. Nag : Cuttack Diocese (CNI)
  6. Debasis Pradhan : Christian Education Board
  7. Rev. Sundhansu Nayak : YMCA, BBSR
  8. Rev. Bibhuti Nayak : Church of Christ, Union Church, BBSR**

Bolangir-In Manahira village of Bolangir Dist. the Church was totally burnt by the radicals in Bolangir
In Mandakia, Bakingia villages the whole Christian Colony are bombed and destroyed this morning. In Raikia MP Dr. R.K.Nayak’s house, Joy Mandal, Bro. Das, Santosh Naik and Santanu’s houses are destroyed on bombing Yesterday at 10 PM
Rudaangia Pastor Khyamasila Bagh of Rudaangia of Raikia has been severely attacked and all his houses are damaged today in Rudaangia.
Jeypur, Koraput In Jeypur, Koraput 2 Churches of Pastor Choudhury have been burnt by the radicals. In Baipariguda, Koraput A Christian social welfare institute called “SEARCH” where 150 orphans were staying, are totally ransacked. All Christian houses and properties of the Christians at Narayanapatna, Koraput are completely destroyed Yesterday by the Bajrangies Koraput.
Dharmashala, Jajpur Dist Believers Church (FA) Missionary Birendra Harijan(29) and his wife was kidnapped by the Bajrangies at Naka Pola, Dharmashala, Jajpur Dist night after having tortured and beaten.
Budamaha -Raikia Two Christians namely Jaka Naik (35) and Gapana Nayak (42) were killed in Budamaha village of Raikia. Their body is lying near Abasi Kupa road for the last 24 hours. From Budamaha village 400 Christians fled to the forest.
Nabarangapur One Christian have been burnt alive along with the complete Christian colony set onto fire Yesterday night by the Hindu extremists at Papadhandi village of Nawarangapur Dist.
Bhubaneswar Loyola School at Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar is attacked & damaged Yesterday.
Chakapada Dr. probin togadia Attened the Funeral ceremony at Chakapada
Phulbai In morning followers of the late Lakshmanananda Saraswati damaged the Catholic Church in Phulbani, the district headquarter town.
Phulbani Cufew imposed in Phulbani
Raurkela Rauraurkel Bandh by fundamentalist- Missionary Van is Set on fire.
Sambalpur- In Sambalpur-strike Church Missionary girls hostel were destroyed -Talcher near Jadumathpur Temporary church set on fire
Bhubaneswar -VHP- Pravin Togadia, blamed the State govt for death of Swami Laxmanananda
Archbishop’s House Lists prepared by Bishops House

Number of Church destroyed

  1. Petapanga Church
  2. Mondakia Church
  3. Catholic Church Rotangia
  4. Believers church Ratingia
  5. Diocese Church Ratingia
  6. Believers Church Gimangia
  7. Diocese Church Gimangia
  8. Mdahukia Church
  9. Catholic Church Badimunda
  10. Pentocastal Church Badimunda
  11. Catholic Church Breka
  12. Pentocastal Church Breka
  13. Catholic Church Pobingia
  14. Catholic Church Srasanaanda
  15. Catholic Church, Phulbani
  16. Catholic Church, Betticola
  17. Catholic Church Sankrakhol
  18. R.C. Church Kanjamedi
  19. Diocese Church Kanjamedi
  20. Pentecostal Church Kanjamedi
  21. Pentecostal Church Jugapadar, Nuagam
  22. Baptist Church Tumudiband
  23. Pentecostal Church Tumudiband
  24. Two Churches in Narayani patna
  25. Catholic Church Muniguda
  26. Catholic Church Padanpur
  27. Church in Dhanpur
  28. Catholic Church Tiangia
  29. Baptist Church Tiangia
  30. Catholic Church Gabindapali
  31. Catholic Church Padua
  32. Catholic Church Maliput
  33. Catholic Church Duburi
  34. Pentecostal Church, Tiangia
  35. Catholic Church Modhupur
  36. Catholic Church Nilungia
  37. Pentecostal Church Nilungia
  38. Catholic Church Boipariguda
  39. Catholic Church Mondasore
  40. Catholic Church, Sugadabadi
  41. Catholic Church, Padanbadi

  1. Houses damaged
  2. Balliguda Mundasahi -22
  3. Raikia-17 houses
  4. Badimunda- 9
  5. Gimangia-3
  6. Gumagarh-25
  7. Tiangia-Pdisuballi, Majumaha, Budedipada, Kolanaju, Mundanaju, Sipaeju, Laburi 160
  8. Beticola-10
  9. Nilungia – 15
  10. Balliguda Dumudisahi -11
  11. Balliguda Hatpada Sahi -8
  12. Raikia, Chunipalli - 12
  13. Mondakia, Bakingkia - 56
  14. Breaka (Sukanda) - 9
  15. Bodimunda - 21
  16. Rotingia – 24
  17. Sankharkhole - 10
  18. Tikaballi - 27**

Kandhamal At present firing is going on at Barakhama in which around 6 persons are died already and 20 are injured as per Govt. report. But at actual the casualties are expected to be more. Barakhama is totally cut off from all other corners in all means. Barakhama.Firing at Barakhama among two communities
Death listed 15.
Gajapati At Mukundapur village one person is burned alive in front of the Church Kumuda Bardhan beaten brutally and then pushed on burning fire when he refused to deny Christ and embrace Hinduism.
Kendrapada Section 144 of ICP declared at Potamundai town after attacks on Muslims.
Kandhamal Lathi charge at Phulbani
Arson attacks continue in some villages of Raikia and Balliguda
Bhubaneswar Dr. Prabin Togadia stated before a Press Conference that VHP (world Hindu Council) will organize Anti Conversion /Christian Rallies throughout Orissa Press conference of Pravin Togadia
Panasa pada, Sundergarh Another JEL Church at Panasa pada, Sundergarh was burnt at 04. 00PM today. Radicals are planning and have threatened to destroy the main Church there tonight.
Bakingi- Raikia A Seventh Day Pastor namely Samuel Nayak (45) at Bakingia village of Raikia block at about 02.30 PM today, stood in between and did not allow around 500 radicals to enter into his Church to damage it. Then they cut his throat by a dagger and he died on the spot and after that they destroyed the Church.
Raikia Pastor Akbar Digal (45) at Totomaha village of Raikia PS has also been killed at sight today afternoon.
Sulesaru A non Christian called Sidheswar Digal is killed by the radicals during this afternoon at Sulesaru village for the reason of giving shelter to his own Christian son in-law in his house.
Pandarani In Pandarani village of Loinsingha PS of Bolangir Dist, at 5 PM Sangh Parivar radicals completely destroyed the church there.
Bolangir In Manahira village of Bolangir Dist. the Church was totally burnt by the radicals.
Bargarh Chichida village Church at Bargarh Dist. is burnt by the extremists. Madhupur and Sohela area of Bargarh Dist. Christians properties are totally damaged by the radicals
Kandhamal Badimunda Christian village at G. Udayagiri, Kandhamal is totally burnt - Ajuba Naik , Prafulla Nayak, Barakhama and Ramesh Ch. Digal of Budamaha village killed
Bhubaneswar Visit of central minister Jayaprakash, denied to visit Kandhamal because of unease condition of the district
Kandhamal Shoot at sight is declare by Adminstration
Kotogada Judabali village of Kotogada- firing with two communities-8 died & 10 injured
Kandhamal 28 bikes, 500 houses burnt, 123 arrested says goerment
Gajapati Gajapati, Malliva Village’s Baptist Church was destroyed.
Gajapati At Mandalisahi Police van, K K Singh, Puttar, Khamari sahi, Bankasahi and Bolaraguma Charches were damaged
Cuttack High court order to government for security of innocent people
Tikabali 170 Christians left village
Bhubaneswar Press conference of Christian council
Gudrikia In morning at 10.00 am Gudrikia village Church, which is under Gadringia was destroyed.After having vandalized the church of Gudrikia the Hindu fundamentalists entered the villages like Kritangia, Gudrikia, Drepanga, Bandabaju and forced them to accept the Hindus religion. About 20 houses from Kritangia, 10 houses from Gudrikia, 10 houses from Drepanga and 20 houses from Bandabaju vllages are forced to accept the Hindu religion.
Kandhamal Trinath Digal was killed in Tiangia, Kandhamal A school teacher namely Gulu - Kanbagiri, was attacked.
Two crore rupees relief package is being announced by Chief Minister Navin Patnaik for relief and rehabilitation. Along with this Prime minister M, Singh also has announced the relief package for the victims,
Raikia Block Manuel Nayak the ex-sarapanch from Manikeswar panchayat, Raikia block, Po. Gundhani At. Gamerikia comented that so far the Gundhani area is not being attacked by the fundamentalists but also that they have given the threatening message saying that since they gave shelter to the victims from Bakingia, Mondakia, Tiangia, they will attack them any moment.
Tikabali At midnight Beheragaon village under Tikabali block was completely burnt says Mrs. Arti Parichha.
Kandhamal 13 congress Leaders were arrested and they were not allowed to proceed to Kandhamal on Madhapur the border of Kandhamal and Boudh district. Mundiguda under Tumbidiband parish was attacked.
Special crime branch team moved towards Kandhamal
Raikia Pastor Daniel Nayak martyred in his village Bakingia.
Raikia Christian leader Michel Naik martyred at Bakinigia.
Raikia Orphanage (Shisu Bhawan) and Church fully damaged in Mandsose. 400 children took shelter in the forest. In Girls Hostel (Assisi Bhawan) destruction made by the mob which was run by nuns.
Golamunda At night the radicals attacked and damaged 20 Christian houses in a place which 10 km from Golamunda, Kalhandi
Phiringia Pastor Gayadhar Digal of Kasinipadar, Phiringia block has been killed by sword by the radicals.
Churches at Kalisiguda, Sinaguda, Arangamala, Gumupadar, Masakapanga villages are totally burnt on 27-08-08
Southern Revenue Divisional Commissioner Mr. Satyabrata Sahu of Orissa has told the media that death toll by now is 810 injured, 28 vehicles burnt, 500 houses destroyed.

Raikola At Raikola Village of G. Udayagiri when radicals were burning the Christians homes, all the Christian women of that village came to the PS and met the Circle Inspector Mr. D.P. Mahanta and cried before him for rescue. On reply, they were misbehaved and disappointed with very harsh words from him who said that, "they have not got order to Shoot at Sight, so they can not do any thing. Why did you all killed Swamiji and his inmates, now you better die, if you all want the Police to go and rescue you then give money to buy diesel for our vehicle, then we will go to protect you ".
Telapali In Telapalli Village , Sadananda Pradhan, Anthou Digal, Parikhita Nayak was murdered by the radicals by sword.
Sipaeju Pastor Dibya sunder Digal of Drepang Church of Sipeaju was killed with sword.
Christian villages namely Brekinga, Sukananda, Telengia, towards Paburia are on fire till now as have been set ablaze on 27th night by the Hindu fanatics
Dugabadi, Kotagada A Christian namely Bidyadhar Digal of Dugabadi, Kotagada is also murdered by the Hindu fanatics
Bhanjanagar Durgaprasad Church in Bhanjanagar was burnt
Kendrapada Radicals have bombed Madhapur area of Kendrapada
Bolangir Murshingaon, Deogaon CNI Church of Bolangir Dist. torched by the radicals.
Kandhamal In Adaskupa area the Hindu fanatics have burnt unspecified number of dead bodies after they were killed. Estimated to be more than 5 persons
7 Christian villages called Kalupadar, Kamreng, Biripadi, Padelipada, Ruben, Sidhipada, Baidanga at the Kandhamal and Kalahandi Dist border under Madanpur- Rampur Mohangiri panchayat were completely looted, ransacked and destroyed on where 40 Christian families were staying

Number of villages were attacked, destroyed, vandalized and looted.

  1. Bhaliapada (Gumamaha)-60
  2. Patamaha (Balliguda)-30
  3. Badagam (Balliguda)-20
  4. Mundasahi (Balliguda)-60
  5. Gaderingia (Raikia)-
  6. Mundanaju (Mondasore)-25
  7. Paderikia (Gumamaha)-20
  8. Panganaju (Gumamaha)-35
  9. Pajimaha (Raikia)-
  10. Pesarama (Raikia)-
  11. Nilungia (Beticola)-30
  12. Gudipadar Village (Balliguda)-24
  13. Killakia-25
  14. Sandareju-15
  15. Khariapada-20
  16. Sarniketa-5
    Fr. Thomas Challen and Sr. Meena were brought to Loyola Hospital, Bhubaneswar for their treatment.
    In newspapers it is mentioned Kandhamal Violence is under control
    Tikabali DFO van damaged at Tikabali to Paburia road
    Pravin Kumar Appointed as Kandhamal SP
    G Udayagiri Bombing at relief camp
    Bhubaneswar Silent protest in Orissa assembly by oppositions
    Cuttack Utkal Christian’s Council’s filed petition at High Court to have CBI inquiry of the killing of the Swami and subsequent riots.
    Bhubaneswar CM meets Governor
    Sanorakhole 20 families reconverted to Hindu
    Bhubaneswar A meeting was held at Archbishop’s House with regard to address the press conference. The press conference was held at 4.30 pm.
    Minority Commissioner asked the state Govt. a report regarding the Kandhamal issue
    A meeting was held at Archbishop’s House with regard to address the press conference. The press conference was held at 4.30 pm. Fr. Bernard Digal was brought to Kalinga Hospital for his treatment.
    Archbishop attended a Rally in Delhi at 10 am
    Pobingia Dhimiriguda under Pobingia parish was attacked and one person was killed by the mob attack.
    Archdiocese had called a school band for all the Christian run school in archdiocese.
    In Adaskupa area of Kandhamal the Hindu fanatics have burnt unspecified number of dead bodies after they were killed. Estimated to be more than 5 persons.
    Dharmagarh, Kalahandi A Church at Kunda Village of Dharmagarh, Kalahandi Dist, attacked and ransacked Yesterday.
    Bolangir A Church at Thandamal village, Bolangir vandalised
    G. Udayagiri Relief Camp at Hatpada U.P. School at G. Udayagiri was bombed by a Petrol bomb by the radicals Yesterday midnight. No toll is there except some injuries. Refugees were shifted to another school called Habaq High school.
    G. Udayagiri- Pukulinga Christian village at G. Udayagiri is now on fire.**

Kalahandi Care-centre and a church of Dharmagada were set on fire
Central government showed interest for CBI inquiry
Delhi Christians rally at Delhi in front of Orissa Bhawan
Cuttack High court asked state govt on the state of Kandhamal
Srasananda 22 SC and ST houses burnt
Bhubaneswar State Congress meet governor on Kandhamal situation
Fr. Thomas Chellan and Fr. Edward Sequira were taken to Bomby for medical treatment.
CBCI called a school band for a day for all the Christian run schools all over India.
Raikia Dadingkia - Dadingia under Raikia Block was attacked by the fundamentalists. People left the place and went to forest for security.
Joypur and near by Christian villages and churches were attacked, burnt and vandalized. It was a big shock among the people of Koraput distict and all over Orissa.
Relief Camps were set in Phulbani, Tikabali, K.Nuaga, G.Udayagiri, Balliguda, Raikia, Barackhoma.
Kandhamal One young man called Abimanyu Nayak as burnt alive inside his house where the Hindu radicals locked him and set on fire to his house at Barapalli village of Pasara , Chakapada of Kandhamal, on 29th August’08
G Udayagiri Khariapada Church at G. Uadayagiri, Kandhamal along with all Christians houses nearby have been completely destroyed
Koraput 6 churches burnt in Baipariguda
Kandhamal 6 houses burnt at Gochhapada
Many churches, namely JEL Church on the main road, Parabeda Church , Bamuniput Church were burnt on 30-08-08. 2 Christians Public schools were ransacked. The SP and the Sub Collector were attacked and stoned. Few Trucks and public vehicles were burnt on the road by the Hindu radicals
Baipariguda, Koraput Churches in Baipariguda, Koraput Dist were burnt by the radicals
Gajapati 54 Christian Houses at Raigada of R. Udayagiri of Gajapati Dist. have been burnt.
Kandhamal Chief Minister visits Kandhamal
Koraput Joypur and near by Christian villages and churches were attacked, burnt and vandalized. There was a big shock among the people of Koraput distict and all over Orissa.
Pentecostal Churches burnt in Borigumma, or Biriguda at night. Rajesh Fancy a shop belonging to Pastor Esau Suna’s son was ransacked
Phulbani Today five trucks of relief materials reached from Baleswar Special Relief commissioner, Niali, Cuttack Collecter and Banki Tahsildar. In it 787 tent, white sarees-100, Saya-3500, blouse-3500, lantern- 1008, Buckets- 710, Mosquto net-200, T Shirt-3500, kitchen set-100, Satranj-1000 and Polithine-100 roll.
UNICEF sent 100 tent to Raikia from Berhampur
Phulbani Distribution department provided pressed-rice, jiggery, biscuits, Amul and Nestle and also Kerosine. In relief camps Generater and Draft stand light are been provided.
Kendrapada - One person was murdered at Oladi village of Kendra Para Yesterday (name unknown).
Bolangir In Bolangir 4 Churches are burnt on 31-08-08
Barakhoma.-Relief Camps were set in Phulbani, Tikabali, K.Nuaga, G.Udayagiri, Balliguda, Raikia, Barakhoma.
Kakarabadi village under Mondasore parish was attacked
Bhadrak-Prayer House in Banta village, Bhadrak district was attacked and ransacked on 31-08-08

Central government has assured a special relief package
Mondasore About 4 pm 100 yrs old Catholic parish Church mondasore was attacked , vandalized ,looted and set on fire.
Presbytery of catholic priest was attacked, looted and burned un to ashes.
Mondasore The scorpio (Four Wheeler) car of Fr. Jugal Kishor Digal was set on fire at mondasore.
Mondasore Mr. Rabindra Parichha, of Bhaliapada village, under Gumamaha Panchayat said “I had called the district control room and asked for the security force and also faxed letter apprehending the danger for the Mondasore parish .In spite of the police information my Parish church was attacked.”
Balliguda Catholic Church and Baptish Church at Balliguda was ransacked,Vandalized and set on fire.
Bhanjanagar Catholic Church at a Chadiapally was ransacked and set on fire.
Durgaprasada Baptish Church at Durgaparasada was ransacked and set on fire
More than 100 women demand for the relief and strike in front of the sub collector office at Balliguda
Tikabali More than 25 houses set on fire in Tikabali
Koraput Curfew at Jaypur
547 houses 17 religious institution damaged (Samaya)
Tikaballi After visit of Chief minister some houses were set on fire in Tikabali area.
Jalespata CM Visits Jalespata Ashram
Mandakia Around 8.30 p.m. the extremists also went to Mandakia village of Raikia and destroyed the left out Christian houses.
Similarly the VHP extremists have also ransacked and burnt many houses in Batriguda, Pumpudidei, Pradhan pada, Muningia, Katimaha, Dabapadar, Budugaon, Beladanki, Budaguda and Rutingia villages
Today also VHP burnt down houses of dalits and adivasis belonged to Christian Communities at villages Pimpudidei, Dagapada, Jigna and Katimaha villages, Talagaon village, Bastingia and few other villages even if the Govt. has been claming that the situation is under control.
Orissa Missionary Movement Church in Ambaguda, Jeypore, and Koraput burnt down completely between 2:00 to 3:00 am
Koraput 11 churches and 30 houses burnt
Bhubaneswar Chief minister made a token comment “It is unfortunate in my 8 and half years tenure”
Bhubaneswar Archbishop of Delhi Vincent M., Bishop Sarat Chandra Nayak, Mr. Sorupanada Patra, Fr. John, Mr…… had the open debate on Kandhamal incident basing on Conversion and cow slaughtering and many other topics in SWOTI PLAZA in Bhubaneswar at 4.30. pm.
Raikia Pajima village under Raikia panchayat was attacked.
Pobingia Bro. Trinth Nayak’s house at Pobingia and other three houses are broken in Phiringia block
Phulbani A boy named Hiralal Pradhan, who was remaining with Fr. Mathew at Phulbani and getting the driving training is caught up by the police. When the riot started in Kandhamal he wanted to go to his village Padangi. But then he was aught by the Tellapaly fundamentalists and beaten up mercilessly till he lost his consciousness. Later they gave him to police station. Now police also mercilessly torture him by inflicting his body and force him to say against the fathers. Frankly speaking they tortured him use to speak against the Christians and fathers that they have illegally converted him
Bhubaneswar Fr. Bernard Digal was shifted to Bombay from Bhubaneswar for his treatment.
Bp. Alphonse Bilung, bishop of Roukela, Bp. Sarat Chandra Nayak, bishop of Berharmpur, Abp. Vincent Concessao, Delhi, Came here to participate debate on Kandhamal violence. Archbishop Raphael Cheenath did not come.
Kandhamal High Level Official trip has left for Kandhamal. Mr. Gopal Chandra Nando, DGP; Secretary to Home Minister of State Mr. Tarunakanto Mishra, Secretary to Health Minister Mr. Anugarga and many others went for this

Raikia Christian house of Mr. Dibya Digal of Pajimaha was attacked and set on fire.
Raikia Christian house of Mr. Samont Nayak was attacked and set on fire
Sarangarda Christian people of Padangi Village were being forced to practise Hinduism and given warning to death, if they practise Christianity.
G. Udayagiri The house of Mr.Gaura Chandra Nayak was attacked and set on fire.
G Udayagiri 18 Christian people of Bhailiapada village reached to the BBSR and they are now in the Refugee camp .It is reported that all have become utter destitute.
Daringabadi At about 50 Christian house of Balliguda were attacked, All the house of hold articles were set on fire.
Daringabadi Catholic Church and 3 Christian house of Kakadabadi Village was attacked and set on fire
Tikabali 35 Christian houses were set on fire( Beheragaon area)
Chakapada 5 Christian houses were set on fire
Withdrawal of prohibition to visit Kandhamal for all group
New Delhi Arch bishop filed petition in SC for investigation by CBI and other providing adequate support and to the victims
Bhubaneswar Justice Sarat Mahapatra was assigned to investigate Kandhamal Riot
Bhubaneswar Kandhamal Riot is unfortunate in my eight and half year of tenure says CM of Orissa
Delhi Memorandum submitted to President by I-Congress on CBI inquiry
Justice Sarata Mohapatra is appointed for the inquire commision of the riot.
Kandhamal Shivraj Patil visit Kandhamal and declares rupees 3 lakhs for the compensation
Gumamaha Padunbadi church under Mondasore parish was vandalized and destroyed around 12.30 am. People run to jungle out of fear.
Gumamaha Didrabadi church and some of the villages under Mondasore parish was attacked.
Bhubaneswar Bps. Thomas Thiruthalil, Alphonse Bilung, Sarat Ch. Nayak, Fr. Joseph Kalathil went to Chief Minister of Orissa at 10.30 am
Bhubaneswar An emergency meeting was held among all the religious communities of Bhubaneswar to discuss about the immediate relief and assistance to the affected people in Kandhamal
Mahana In different places of Mahana Block of Gajapati district many threatening posters and banners were ceased, where list different leaders mentioned and it was mentioned that these are of PLGA, CPI Maowadi (Maoists).
Dhenkanal Few militants threatened by phone to destroy Mahima Gadi of Joranda
Raikia In Raikia relief camp people suspected that some mischievous people had put poison in the water. But somehow people managed to detect it and lives are saved.
Raikia On refugee camp at Raikia is in turmoil. The refugees had requested that no members of RSS ,VHP or Bajrangdal be allowed in to the refugee camp set up at the Block development Office. Despite this the BDO was found in close door conversation with three members the fundamentalist group. The refugees have demanded an explanation from the fundamentalist group. The refugees have demanded an explanation from the officer who has now been gheraoed by the agitated refugees. One Mr. Godda from the group of three managed to flee the place. He is now threatening to bring in thousands of fundamentalist to attack the refugee camp. The destitute have made hunger strike to settle the matter.
Dadarimunda 5 House of the Dadarimunda Village were set ablazed.
Simanbadi In Simanbadi parish at kotasingh and Gadadi village 18 each houses are burnt by the fundamentalists.
Daringabadi The fundamentalists burnt 25 houses from Katadi village which is under the Padangi parish ,Sarangada P.S. On the other hand from Birangi village about 10 houses are burnt on the same day.
Tikabali 5 houses, Dadarimenda village were set on fire and destroyed.
Bhubaneswar Kharvelnagar Bishop’s of Orissa met Chief Minister and expained the present situation of the Kandhamal. Chief minister assured to give relief and rehabilitation. Bishops mentioned about the forceful conversion to Hinduism.
New Delhi Supreme Court asks report to Orissa government on providing security on minority Christian community with in one day. **

VHP to go ahead with Yatra (Indian express dated 04.09.008) 1st page
Tikaballi BJP’s central vice president MP Juel Oram and his team was checked at tikabali police station when they demanding to go Chakapad other wise arrest them.
Tikabali To examine the situation of riot affected area Revenew minister Mr. Manamahan Samal and MP Dharmendra Pradhan arraved to Tikaballi. While thousands of people rushed to the relief camp demanding relief for them. In order to control the group there was lathi chage about 30 women injured.
Patapalli It is reported that Mr. Digamber of Patapalli village security guard was killed, doubting that he has informed the police with regards to the church demolition. The main culprit kailas Sahoo is arrested the police and taken to jail, case no 1.4/01/08, No 302, 349, WR.3 (2). Police is in search of other culprits.
Dadarimunda Two no of house were set on fire at Sunapanga village-Balliguda Block
All relief camp KLD In relief camps groups of people forcefully try to enter and demand relief.
New Delhi Orissa government submitted Affidavit to Supreme Court on restricting Kalashiyatra by Advocate K K Benugopal.
R C Church and Baptist Church of Murdikupda village of Raikia Block was destroyed
Till Date 145 Cases have been filed and arrested 194. Total 2717 houses were damaged. Injury and death listed as 35 and 16 and in 10 relief centres 18000 victims are getting cooked food and it will continue for three months. APL and BPL card holders will get 20000 and 50000 for damage of houses partially and fully respectively. (Government source)
Jalespata In Jalespata ashram homage Meeting (Shodosho Shradhanjali) was arranged.
Orissa Pradesh congress calls today all Orissa level silent rally
Section 144 of Indian Penal Code declared in Specific area of Bhubaneswar seeing the rally called by the Sadhus of all Orissa.
Bhubaneswar Rally was conducted in Bhubaneswar by forcefully even though 144 is order by Govt.
Section 144 of IPC was not efective in the specific area of Bhubaneswar
“Government will face problematic situations”- threatened Sadhus to government at Sradhanjali Sabha, Swadhinata Sangami Field, Bhubaneswar
Narayanpatna Narayanpatna called for bandh and church destruction and vehicles were set on fire, section 144 imposed.
The meeting was preside over by Swami Sachidananda Maharaja of Puri Jhanjipata said the Swamiji’s soul will get peace if conversion and cow slaughter will be stopped fully.
Swami Arupananda Maharaja said that swami was not murdered but the Hindu religion.
Tridandi Swami Bhagabandas Maharaja said that now Hindu is becoming minority, there is an international conspiracy to undermine hindus and the 186 christian nations have not killed Swamiji but challenged the Hindu religion.

Chakapad In Chakapada Ashram Shodosho Shradhanjali ceremony was arranged and shiv Linga was set up on the tomb of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati.
Jaypur The peoples representatives are responsible for theriot of Jaypur –Congress Representative
Governor asked detail report of Kandhamal
Bhubaneswar This is the situation for us Do or die to preserve our culture-says Puri Gajapari Divyasingh dev.

Dead body of Mathew Nayak of Kanbageri village was found in Sarangada village
Bhanjanagar In Chadiapalli village under Banjanagar PS three houses burnt. Group of youth from Raikia came, threatened to set on fire to the three houses.
Naxallite Secretary Sunil sent a letter to Etv (Media) claming thy killed Swami Lamanananda saraswati
Bhubaneswar Justice Sarat Chandra Mahapatra Commision is going to report by six month about the riot.
Two commissions are charged to investigate the riots of Kandhamal
Orissa government another Affidavit will be submitted to Supreme court on 10th September
Kandhamal In Raikia and G Udayagiri Block hundreds women Gherau the Block office for food and work. –Samaya-
Till date 202 members have been arrested in connection with the riot case.
Till date 24131 nos of people are at Relief Camps
Sub-Collector of Kandhamal Pradip Ku Mahapatra said 73 GPs 263 Village 2832 houses and 127 institutions affected and 16 killed. 24131 people have been staying in 8 relief camps
Phulbani block -105
Phiringia -260
Tikabali- 718
Balliguda -249
Kotogada- 265
Chakapada- 72
Tumudibandh -2
K Nuagaon-420
G Udayagiri- 446
Raikia -446
Phulbani Municipality-11
Cuttack Governor visits camp at Cuttack, Petiny Sahi.
Kandhamal Governor Muralidhar Chandrakant Bhandare visits Kandhamal.
Bhanjanagar Under Bhanjanagar PS, Baibali Gram Panchayat, village Chadheyapalli Flag March done by CRP force
New Delhi CPI(M) Polity bureau member Bindra Karat writs letter to Shiv raj patil mentioning BHP and Bjrangdal are engage themselves in miss deed, that creats problem in nations security. List them in Atankabadi.
Bhubaneswar CM Navin Patnaik rejected the congress demand for a probe by the CBI in to the killing of Swamijee and the subsequent riots.
Phulbani For the second consecutive day hundreds of people, mostly women, gheraoed BDO of G udaygiri demanding innocent persons arrested in connection with riot. They also demanded work to eke out a living.
Jajpur 13 tribal hindu-turned Christians of Brajapalli village under Saliganja Panchyat re-converted to their own religion (after11 years) in a pious carnival organised by VHP
Kandhamal Governor Muralidhar Chandrakant Bhandare visited relief camps and Jalespata Ashram.
“You will return with your own religion” says Governor and assures to provide security to their life and religion in their villages.
Raikia Around 10.00 pm in the village Sisopanga under Raikia PS four houses were damaged by radicals
Two banners were captured by Police at Raikia Bus Stand and College Square, it bears the denial of killing Swamijee. The logo of Maobadi is on top and in the end CPM PLG mentioned.
Phiringia Christians of Dhimiriguda village, PS Phiringia are forced to give FIR against priests saying they have cheated and given false promises to convert. They are also forced to accept Hinduism by 14th September or else they will be killed and their village will be destroyed by Bajrangdal, VHP and RSS members.
Bhubaneswar Refugees of riot are returning from today to Kandhamal Relief Camps who were staying in YMCA and Kalyan Mandap of Nayapali Bhubaneswar since 29th August 2007
Crime Branch put out the sketch of two persons in connection to the kill of swami Laxmanananda
New Delhi Government of Orissa submitted second Affidavit at Supreme Court on Kandhamal Riot situation today tomorrow will be hearing on it.
Kandhamal Central Minority commission Pinto visits Kandhamal
Raikia In Raikia Block Gherao conducted by hundreds of local women to get relief
New Delhi -The hearing of filed second affidavit of Orissa state government regarding the Kandhamal Situation is extended to four weeks.
Kandhamal - Kandhs aggressive motive rises towards Panos of the District- Finding of Samaya Daily news paper
Mr. M. Pinto returns to Bhuabaneswar and meets Chief Minister and some other officials. He affirms that Kandhamal is not normal even today
Kurtamgarh- Some villages under Kurtamgard parish P.S. Tumudiba
Kurtamgarh area becomes tense. In the evening a group of about 100 people armed with guns and other weapons attacked Sarpanch (village head), destroyed Baptist church. Police tried intervene. There was exchange of fire in which one police man is seriously injured and two have reportedly died.
Srasanda three people are beaten up. Sukru Charan Mallick is beaten up. The mob put poisonous liquid in the eyes with an intention of blinding him. He is a professional driver. He is taken to Berhampur and is under treatment.

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