Christians in Love


Hi, I suppose I’d just like peoples reaction to this song. it was shown on National Television (Australian) last week and I’m in two minds about it.


Well, perhaps I should apologize up front a bit, but I couldn't quite understand what they were even saying... with me, the "Ozzie accent" doesn't penetrate or resonate...

I believe the group was ridiculing "Christians in Love" but I couldn't really hear exactly what they were trying to say... but the audience was laughing at everything the group did say, so I presume it to be ridicule...

Hence, my carefully contemplated opinion of the lyrics, as well as the song:


All it is really doing is laughing at the awkwardness of wedding night virgins trying to figure things out for the first time. That said I didn't really find it funny, but that had more to do with it not feeling terrible clever than it being offensive.


Also if you want an example of what quality humor relating to our faith can be like I think this represents it rather well:

Much funnier, though I'm not sure if its for everyone.


I didnt find it funny, i found it stupid. Personally, I watch these comedy shows religously but this was by far the worst I've seen. Now I watch people who rip on the Catholic church (and other religions) such as Robin Williams but that is actually humoress. This was just recycled garbage :shrug:


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