Christians Join Muslims in Fasting for Ramadan

Like 1.6 billion Muslims around the world fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, Jeff Cook has been rising before dawn each morning to have breakfast. He doesn’t eat again until breaking his fast with dinner.

But Mr. Cook isn’t Muslim, doesn’t have close Muslims friends, and has never been inside a mosque. The Christian pastor from Greeley, Colo., is fasting for the 30 days of Ramadan, which ends Friday, as part of a nascent effort among American Christians to better understand and support Muslims.


Idiotic, since when did Christians sell out to please those of other faiths?
There is a huge difference between bending over to please the muslims and simply respect them.

If one have to imply that Islam is worth fasting for as a Christian the person who does so are in desperate need of prayers.
May God in his mercy guide those twisted Christians away from the toxic relativism and support of Islam so the may repent their apostasy and re embrace Christ and the truth that rest within Christianity.

Lord have mercy!

I don’t think I could fast for a whole month, as do the Muslims. But I am very moved by anyone who seeks to understand and pray along side of those from another faith. It is an honorable thing that these Christians have done. Perhaps if we come together in prayer, some of the hostility might disappear.

That’s the way this cookie crumbles, Christians will be Crist-like in respecting Islam…
…Islam will then return the favor with the sword.

I know it is not EXACTLY the same but would not this fall under Acts 15 : 29. To better understand the pagan should Paul have eaten “food sacrificed to idols”.

But Muslims are not pagans nor do they sacrifice anything to idols. They are our cousins, come from our Abrahamic blood line. We have much more in common with Islam than we do, say, with Buddhism or Hinduism, which many Christians take on various practices.

Would you feel the same of Judaism? Churches often have seders during Holy Week (which I am not a big fan of). Is that different? I go to Jerusalem often and see hundreds of tourists at the Temple Mount. It’s a holy Mosque. Shoes come off, heads covered, respect Islam upon entering.

How is this different?


Very true, to both of those posts. Sad.

We all have a history of taking up the sword. Muslims (and Jews) have a long memory of what we as Christians did to them. The point is to find peace between us and not prolong the conflict.

Based on the reasoning that bad men in the past comitted crime and evilness while referring to themselves as Christians you think we should go into religious relativism?

Should we try our best to love them as if they where our brothers and sisters? Yes.
Shall we support their false religion and error filled image of God and encourage them to stay away from the true God as we know him? No.

Isn’t encouragement of false religions actually to willingly jeopardise the eternal soul of our Muslim friend?
This strikes me as spiteful.

I will say this, though: Muslim fasting put Christians to shame! No meat on Fridays during Lent! har har (Unless it falls on St. Patrick’s Day!) And they pray 5 times a day. I remember once being moved in a hospital interfaith chapel when a Muslim walked in and earnestly said his prayers. Fundamentalist Muslims? No thank you. Devout, “moderate” Muslims? Yes, please.

Put Christians to shame?
We abstain from meat and diary products every Wednesday and Friday throughout the year so I think it’s more correct to say some Christians and not all Christians, but else from that I totally see your point.
The church of Rome should go back to the pre V2 disiplin regarding fasting no doubt.

The spiritual fruits of fasting is many and unique.

Abstaining from certain foods is very different from total fast.

I have fasted on Yom Kippur each year for decades as a spiritual discipline to support the Jewish community, and that is very hard (and harder as I get older, too!). No food, no water for 25 hours. I cannot imagine doing a total fast (sunrise to sunset) for a whole month.

I know that the spiritual intentions are similar - abstaining and fasting - but the realities? I have much admiration for our Muslim friends.

Muslims don’t do a complete fast though. They eat quite a lot, just not during the daylight. While it is undeniably difficult to go without food and water during the day, many muslims actually put on weight during Ramadan. The fasting of the Eastern Churches for example is much more rigorous. In Lent for example, no meat, dairy, or oil for 40 days. The Copts actually fast more days during the year than not.

I think they really do fast. Sunrise to sunset. No food nor water. And of course they eat - the iftar - after sunset.

And again, there is a difference between FASTING and ABSTAINING.

Yes, Muslims everywhere want to kill Christians!!! Oh, my!! (= super-sarcasm)

I have been taking the opposite approach. I have been eating more this past month.

I fasted during Ramadan a few years ago and it’s actually quite difficult to go without food and water from dawn until sunset for a month. It is going without water that is the most difficult. If someone smokes and has to abstain during fasting hours, it’s even more difficult.

The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar so it shifts by about 10 days each year in relation to the solar calendar and eventually Ramadan will be in the winter again. But right now it’s especially difficult to fast when Ramadan is during the summer and the days are long. In the US, the fasting time without water or food was from about 4:30 AM until 8 PM or 15 and a half hours. In more northerly regions, the fasting time is even longer. I have a Muslim friend who was from Edinburgh in Scotland, and the fasting time without food or water there this year was from about 2:30 AM until about 9:30 PM or 19 and a half hours. Try going without water every day for a month for that long and you will get pretty thirsty in the summer. It’s even more difficult if you have a job and are working during that time. In some Muslim countries in hot areas, there are people who are trying to fast because they think they must and become dehydrated and die from heat stroke every year.

Dumb idea…

I would hate to be forced to fast from water when it’s 100 degrees humidity outside.

God doesn’t require us to do something that could make us sick.

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