Christians Mix in 'Eastern' New Age Beliefs

After a read, does this really surprise anyone given the state of this country?
We would probably agree that we all are in search of God, but it’s sad that it would appear that, as is usual in our country, that we want to do it on our terms.

It would appear that we can now create the “golden calf” without gold.

If we were able to vote for Jesus in this country, would we elect him?

Far to left wing for most? Life, marriage, commitment, honor?

Please return Lord. The sooner the better! :gopray2:

Amen, Amen!! :signofcross:

…my bad. … right wing for most …

Really? I think there is a definite movement towards embracing a more thorough Catholicism today and moving away from the wishy-washy “we’re all climbing up the same mountain” philosophy of the last forty years or so, don’t you?

One would hope FF. In my opinion, I really do believe that there is a renewal in progress. I believe that there is a movement among the true believers to be actual “defenders of the faith”. There is a strong core developing in the church and I believe that, maybe not in my lifetime, the sense of ‘giving up my beliefs’ for the betterment of an ‘all accepting-everything goes society’ is on the wain. You would not know this however listening to our media.

I think that the media would like all of us to develop an ‘all is lost, so why bother’ attitude. I can truly say for the sheep of this world, it’s working. ( having work for ABC News for a number of years .) Let’s pray and keep praying that God have mercy on us and continue to give us the grace to strengthen His church.

I think the media has an agenda, and is interpreting these results in a slanted way–with the hope that they can instill that “all is lost” mentality in the audience (as you put it). But what I see with my own eyes: the younger generation in the Catholic Church are more conservative and orthodox in their beliefs than the generation that came before. So much so, that on NBC news a few years back (and don’t ask me to dredge up the interview, I don’t remember when it was, all I know is that happened before YouTube was invented), a rather liberal priest was lamenting that the Gen-X and younger gens were “more conservative, and were causing a wave of conservativism in the Catholic Church that is worrisome.” LOL! Yeah, maybe they should be worried…

At my own church, the number of young women that use a headcovering outnumber the older women that do. Not that headcovering is everything, but most times, it’s a sign that the lady is more conservative in her belief system. The big families with 4 or more children have parents that are Gen-X. For my part, my husband and I have tried for a bigger family (we are Gen-X age as well), but so far have been unable to. But, we do have very orthodox beliefs. We became Byzantine mostly because the spirituality of the East (as in Greek Christian, not oriental Taoism or something like that!) appeals to us, but also we found “kindred spirits” in this church.

Just my observations.:shrug:

The position of stars/planets can affect people’s lives 25% 23%

I’m sorry, being a engineer, I would have responded “Yes” to that.

For example, the position of the sun affects my life. I act differently when it is on one side of the Earth vs the other.

Also, the the sun were in a position 10 feet above my head, yes, it would be fair to say that it’s position would drastically affect my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! :thumbsup:

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