Christians oppose sharia in Kenya


I will pray for the Christians in Kenya. I dread thinking what will happen in the Muslim-dominated areas if the measure doesn’t pass.

Whenever I read about Sharia controversies, I’m reminded of the folks who take pride in claiming our laws are based on Christianity and the Ten Commandments.

Great Britain as sharia courts also. Watch this issue, it’s coming here. It’s taking over Europe.

I will also pray for our Christian brethren in Kenya and throughout the world. :crossrc:

And your point is what? Are you trying to deny reality and history, or are you trying to say our laws are based on the shallow nonsense of atheism?:confused:

The UK recognizes Sharia courts on the same basis as Jewish Beth Din - arbitration courts where both parties have chosen to have civil matters decided. The decisions of neither take precedence over UK law.

Why should UK Muslims have a lesser right to have arbitration courts than us Jews?

On the other hand, since there are people who think that us Jews are busy taking over the world whatever we do, one should not be surprised that there are people who think that Muslims are taking over the world whatever they do.

Hi Kaninchen,
That’s not really a very intellectual analysis if you don’t mind my saying. Because Jews never have had as part of their religion the formal purpose of conquering of the world, nor is it their aim to convert all people to Judaism. Right?

Whereas Islam has the goal of converting all infidels to Islam. So that is not a false perception people have of Islam, but reflects the stated goals of the religion.

If Islam was a peaceful religion, they would have signed peace treaties with Isreal fifty years ago. And saved their people much misery. Instead they take away their education and keep them in poverty and then tell them its all the fault of the Jews!

Islam is a system of mind control. Its a cult. Its not a religion.
Whereas I’m sure Judaism respects the noachide.
And where I’m sure Christianity respects a person’s free will
There is no such dignity extended by Islam to “infidels”.

Its time people woke up and smelled the coffee.

I observe most folks think it’s OK to base civil law on their religion, but not some other religion.

And even the claim about the Ten Commandments dowsn’t hold much water. Exactly which commandments are our law based on?

The first four deal with man’s relation to god. They are not in our law.

Five deal with parental relations and is not in our law.

Seven deals with adultury and is not in our law.

Ten deals with thought crimes and is not in our law.

So, those seven are not in our law.

Six, eight, and nine are in our law.

However, six, eight, and nine have been figured out by people all over he world before they ever heard of the Ten Commandments.

Note: Much the same can be said of places that claim their law is Sharia Law.

No, just a bit of not terribly intellectual sarcasm.

Whereas Islam has the goal of converting all infidels to Islam. So that is not a false perception people have of Islam, but reflects the stated goals of the religion.

Unlike Christians, of course, who only have the goal of converting everybody to their particular brand of Christianity, reflecting the stated goals of the religion.

It might be a desire for all people to become Catholics, or Christians, it was not stated by Jesus or the apostles that it is our mission to convert everyone on the planet to Christianity. When Christians “preach the gospel” it is for their edification.
But Christians recognize that God gave man free-will to chose or reject the gospel.

However, in Islam, a born Muslim who leaves the faith is sentenced to death.
They might have borrowed this from the Torah I don’t know?
Whereas Jesus respected the choices people made, I don’t find the same respect in Islam.
Even perhaps, in the old days, Jews used to also stone people to death. Perhaps you could speak to that.

I’m sure you believe all that.

It was almost impossible to get yourself executed, even in biblical times, by the way.

yes, but we also allow religious freedom. i don’t think sharia law does.

We do allow religious freedom, something not mentioned in the Ten Commandments. We dreamed that up without any help from the TC.

Religious freedom under Sharia is specifically mandated for “People of the Book.” That includes Judaism and Christianity. However, there have been all sorts of different implementations of that over the years, depending on the nation and culture. But it is specified in the Quran.

Why any educated person would defend sharia law is beyond me.

There is no justice in sharia law, at least not as we in the west think of justice.

Under sharia, a girl who is raped needs to have 4 male witnesses. How many girls who are raped happen to have 4 men who were there and watching and testified to her story?

It is not a system of justice, its a system of oppression.

i don’t think i said anywhere in my post that religious freedom is mentioned in the Ten Commandments. however, in our country, under our legal system, religious freedom is allowed from Satanism to Santeria. we don’t tax people or behead people who are not Christians.
under Sharia law, if you are considered “people of the book” you might be allowed to live, but you will be taxed and be seen as a minority. if you are not “people of the book” your fate is more uncertain.

i agree with you Lisa. sharia law is barbaric if you ask me. very oppressive to women. why a woman would defend sharia law is even more astounding.

Educated people learn the facts. It’s simple. The Quran states that Judaism and Christianity are to be respected as “People of the Book.” The Ten Commandments makes no such statement about religious freedom.

Correct. You didn’t say anything about religious freedom in the TC. There’s nothing to say.

I paid a huge tax last year.

I agree we don’t behead non-Chrstians. I note I was not beheaded in all the years I lived as a non-Mulsim in Saudi Arabia.

Muslims pay a tax called the Zaka. Non-Muslims are not subject to Zaka since it is a religious duty, one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Non-Muslims pay Jaziya tax.

I paid Zaka tax when I was in Saudi Arabia. However, the high court subsequently declared that tax on non-Muslims to be contrary to Islamic law. We all got back every cent in Zaka we had paid. Then they went even further. In order to prevent such an injustice from happening again, we didnt even have to pay Jaziya. And that was under Sharia Law.

I agree non-Muslim fates are more precarious as a function of region and culture. Likewise we can see how the fate of the Jewish minority under Christianity was uncertain - until 1939. Minorities everywhere tend to live a more uncertain life.

that is because when Moses was handed the Ten Commandments, Christianity and Islam hadn’t been born yet!!

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