Christians raised as pagans?


I have to admit this shocked me.

On another board that bills itself for Christians (the board is for fans of a certain medium, but having all sorts of general topics much like this board), someone brought up the subject of what he’s giving up for Lent, because much like me, he’s still trying to decide.

The vast majority of answers went something like, “We don’t observe Lent.” :eek:

I’m positive other Christian denominations observe Lent. There are many nearby churches here displaying signs to that effect. What’s going on here? Christians who don’t observe Lent? :confused:


If you mean pop-evangelicals, they probably pay no attention to Lent whatsoever.

Methodists and Presbyterians probably give lip-service to Lent in a liturgical sense.

Lutherans and Anglicans of various stripes are probably the only Protestants who make even a token effort at fasting.

Orthodox and other Eastern Christians are frequently quite strict about it.


Well, I was protestant most of my 45 years of life - and I didn’t know what Lent was until now. Most mainline protestants don’t know much of anything about Lent.


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