Christians suing other Christians

What exactly is the foundation behind the popular belief that it is wrong to sue a Christian? Is it (more) morally wrong to sue a Christian than a non-Christian? What about suing the diocese for alleged sex abuses where millions of dollars are involved? Are all these settlements fair, in your opinion?

If they have violated a contract or some other law there is nothing wrong with suing anyone whether or not they are Christian.


In fact, the way the question is posed I wonder if we should only sue Jews or Muslims? :cool:

But I think goofyjim hit the nail on the head. Its a simple issue of the law. If one side didn’t follow it (be it a contract, agreement, or some criminal violation) then the legitimate recourse would be a lawsuit. It matters not what the religion of the parties are.

But as for suing over the sex scandals, yes that is reasonable. There were cover ups, that to me compounds the sin and makes the Bishops culpable to the crimes. Settlements have averaged something like $1.2Million per suit if I recall the numbers correctly. Personally I’d rather not be molested in the first place than get the money.

That sounds about right but do you really think the $1.2 Million is justifiable, though? Would they be even suing if the Church had no money? I think many of us could easily go after all those who abused them during their lives based on some of the stories I’ve heard surrounding some of these “abuse” cases. And let’s face it, any motives to file a lawsuit after waiting 20-30 years have to be somewhat suspect.

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