Christians worldwide mobilize for Iraqi Church: #WeAreN

found more coverage on this blog

There is a website that is selling tshirts with the Arabic letter on them. For those who may not be familiar with Arabic, the name of the letter is nun, which is pronounced like the English word “noon.”

Much appreciated, Dave. :thumbsup:

For the record, it was Rorate Caeli that started this.

Do you have a link for that website?

Not at the moment, and Google is failing me. If I run across it, and someone else hasn’t already posted it, I’ll come back and let you know. Sorry.

I found this website below with the shirts like what you describe (but please note that I know nothing about this website as far as how trustworthy it is or where the funds go etc, I just found it by google searching).

Well done. Thanks, McCall.

Yes, thank you. Will order when I have money.

Churches around the globe are expressing solidarity with the church in Iraq by adopting the following symbol

Image can be found here by non trial members ( “”)

The Archbishop of Cantebury officially endorsed this-

[quote=Justin Welby tweeted]Share solidarity of prayer and love with victims of terrible suffering in Iraq, especially threatened Christians of Mosul. #WeAreN

There are Evangelical charities also collecting for Christian families in Iraq:

Iraq - Feeding Christian families 20 - 246

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