Christie, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio and Palin in short list of possilble VP nominees

According to this article, 3 of Trump’s competitors are being considered as possible VP nominees.

But if I remember correctly, Rubio had said no,

I’m pretty sure Kasich said the same thing.

This week Texas had the Republican Convention, and Senator Cruz was there. I remember reading that Cruz was not interested as SCOTUS nominee and VP nominee.

Christie is currently under investigation in his state of NJ.

Palin, what can I say about her, she is really not that popular outside of the Republican base. She was not a hot ticket for McCain, I don’t think that 8 years later that has changed.

I don’t think the VP will come out of this group.

Please choose Palin! Please choose Palin!

Make it the dynamic duo!!

As of Friday, I heard Newt was the most likely, but Trump says he will not announce his pick until the convention; I hope it is someone who can bring in the undecided vote.

And Rick Perry of Texas was investigated, proven innocent, but not in time to run for president.

And Scott Walker of WI was investigated, proven innocent, but it messed up his chance to run for president.

The courts are being abused with bogus lawsuits to knock out candidates.

I hope Cruz is the running mate. He is Tea Party conservative. He will provide a balance with Trump’s populist conservatism. We needed Ted Cruz to be President right now, but having him as Trump’s running mate will be a nice compromise. Trump/Cruz 2016!

Go figure, no GOP politicians are any more interested in running with Trump than Americans are for voting for Trump.!:smiley:

Christie is not under investigation

I hope it’s not Palin or Christie. Why would Carson say this?

I agree with you regarding Palin. I don’t see how Cruz could accept the nomination even for the sake of the Republican party, not if he has a shred of dignity. And Rubio has also stated he is not interested in the VP position. That leaves Christie, who is currently one of the three, I believe, least popular governors. Then again, New Jersey governors are seldom popular and are often under some sort of investigation.

Well, I understand what you are saying but SOME Americans must be interested in voting for Trump or he would not have gotten as far as he has.

I think Trump needs a woman…that is, as a VP running mate. Or perhaps a Hispanic man or woman. A Muslim running mate would be a little too odd. Of course ANY VP nominee should, first and foremost, be qualified, even more so if the presidential candidate is not.

!!! If he chooses Palin–and I can’t imagine he’d do so even if he thinks it will bring in female voters–it will be so very, very entertaining!!!


True. But candidate is as far as he’ll get; Republicans are having fun, but when he runs a race with all voters, he’s toast…in 30 years he’ll just be a historical footnote or final jeopardy question.

LOL A “final jeopardy question.” Nothing to sneeze at! However, so far, all the pundits have been wrong about Trump’s viability.

I am hopeful Hillary will pick Warren for the same reason I suspect she thinks it will help her with the Native Anerican vote

In theory Trump should choose a senator - i.e. someone who knows the ins and outs of Washington, since Trump has basically no experience in that regard. In reality, the electoral map is a nightmare for Trump, so whoever he chooses as his running mate is a moot point.

I don’t care for any of the possible VP nominees so far. maybe Christie, but definitely not Newt or Sarah.

Please please pick Palin!!! She did so many great things for McCain!! She is the PERFECT running mate for Trump!!!

a senator or a governor would be a good choice.

Is Newt on the list or interested? I believe he is very qualified, more so than any other Republican, and a solid conservative. However, I think his political opportunities have passed.

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