Christmas Card to the Pope?

Do you send a Christmas card to the Pope? What do you write in it? I’m writing my cards right now (multitasking ;)) and he’s on my list. I don’t want to write something cheesy and I want to make sure I’m properly respectful. I know he probably won’t read my card personally, but still.

Dear Holy Father,

[Insert the printed-on Christmas card sentiment (a very nice religious one, of course!)]

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and New Year.

How’s that? Should we then just sign our names, or should I write “Love,” or “God bless” and then sign our names? If I were writing this from my heart I would be tempted to gush about how much we love him and that we’ll be praying for him, etc. :o But it just doesn’t seem proper for a Christmas card to the Pope!

What do you think?

I don’t send a Christmas card to the Pope. I made the suggestion to my DH once, and he gave me a weird look :ehh: , so I didn’t think it was something that Catholics did (I’m a convert). I think it’s a great sentiment!

I think what you have written is beautiful. Maybe you could add, “Our prayers are with you always,” or something like that. When I sign religious cards (Christmas or otherwise), I usually end with, “In Christ,” or “In Christ’s Love,” with my name below.

Thanks for the great suggestions! :slight_smile: “In Christ’s love” is just perfect!

And yes, many Catholics do send the Pope a Christmas card. I’ve only done it once or twice before. In a few months they usually send a little thank-you note and an apostolic blessing with a little picture of the Pope. I don’t do it just for that, but it’s definitely a special “plus” to sending him a Christmas greeting! :thumbsup:

His address is:

Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican City

At least that’s the address my mom gave me, and we get the thank-you notes, so I guess it works. It looks strange though :shrug:

This address and email is also available.
Papal Address/E-mail:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Apostolic Palace

E-mail: ]

I have never sent anything, although I do have a question CatholicSam, when you do get your reply does it say who it is from? I am guessing that it is not directly from the Pope. I was just curious does it say from his office, the Vatican???

One more thing…

Do you only need one stamp? Or two? I’m not thinking of an over-sized card, just a standard one that would only require one stamp if mailed within the U.S.

Thanks, Sam!

Whenever sending cards overseas I take it to the post office and they weigh it and let me know. My Christmas cards to Germany cost $1.90 each this year. It’s more than standard US mail.

Thanks, Rayne. :slight_smile: I send cards to my grandpa in Central America, and they only require one stamp (he’s a US veteran, with an APO address, so I’m sure that’s why it’s so cheap).

Yes APO addresses only require standard US postage.

This is just the sweetest idea. I am so glad you think of such things. I would be way too shy. :blush:

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