Christmas carols at mass during advent


Is it usual to sing Christmas carols at mass during advent. My friend who is not Catholic would like to sing carols, if they are normally sung I will bring her to mass at the cathedral this Sunday. At my local parish we didn’t sing any carols last Sunday. :shrug:


No, we generally don’t mix Advent and Christmas at Mass. Christmas carols are sung during the Christmas season which begins on Christmas.


Liturgically, Christmas hymns shouldn’t be sung until Christmas. Right now we are singing advent hymns.


No, it’s not usual, but some hymns that you might think of as Christmassy are generally considered Advent hymns. For example, O Come, O Come Emmanuel and The Angel Gabriel. We do have the entire Christmas season to sing Christmas Carols at Mass, up to the 6th or even 12th of January depending on your local Church, so maybe try this during the Christmas Season.


There are a lot of hymns that sort of muddy the water between Advent and Christmas. But most parishes try to avoid the Christmas carols until Christmas Eve.


The only one you can sing is “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer.” :wink: :eek:


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