Christmas Crunch Time: Husbands, what is your strategy for surviving/helping our “Sweet Little Bundles of Hormones” a.k.a. wives, prevent those “Holiday Meltdowns"?

:smiley: Christmas Crunch Time: Husbands, with only a couple of weeks left until Christmas what is your best strategy for surviving/helping with the pressure our “Sweet Little Bundles of Hormones” a.k.a. wives, are going through and maybe preventing those “Oh, So Holiday Melt Downs?

  • Do you step up another Rosary/day or Advent Novena and Pray your way out of it?
  • Do you make a new Plan Stan?
  • Do you get on the Bus Gus?
  • Do you schedule business meetings Out of the STATE for the next two weeks?
  • Do you go shopping with her and become the designated “Pack Mule”, then take her out to dinner and go over the Christmas List for the 73rd time?
  • Do you step out the back Jack?

Single guys, DO NOT bother responding here, we know your strategy,… You have been with said female, on a all night extreme shopping gauntlet, at 11:41pm you remember you left your stove on, and you must get home before it burns your house down and spreads to the entire city. As you scramble for the door, you tell her you’ll call tomorrow oooor maybe next week. Do Not rub it in.

My DH is the one that has the hormonal meltdowns, usually about the lights.

I smile sweetly, remind myself that men are like that sometimes due to their emotional natures, and stay largely out of the way while letting him know I’m there to help.

He enjoys the shopping as much as I do, and only gets aggravated when he “picks the wrong line” (you know, the one that suddenly stops moving).

Yesterday he had a minor meltdown when his mother offered to stick fake greenery all over the lights he just finished, but I gave him great big kisses, and a cup of hot chocolate, and he apologized and thanked me for everything I do, and how nice I make our home.

And asked me if I wanted to go to the big shopping center next weekend, or closer to Christmas, when the decorations will be more lavish.

We decorate very little. I do put up my yearly Christmas village but that is about it. There is no melt down because I don’t put pressure on Christmas to be anything more then a religious holiday. We don’t even do Santa anymore. Our big meal on Christmas are steaks that my Dh grills.

I know a lot of people-women mainly-who freak out over having the perfect Christmas. It is a bit silly to me but you have my sympathy.

Our neighbor is a Christmas nut. My hubby likes to tell her how disappointed he is that Scrooge caved. Drives her nuts.:rolleyes:

By the way, you could make a rule that only little kids get presents from you. That is my family rule. Unless you want something from the dollar store.

As a woman, I’ve never experienced a “holiday meltdown”, and have never seen such from any of my friends, my sisters, my mom… Perhaps you and your wife should make plans to go away over the Holidays? Seems that there is some serious stress in her life. Has she seen her doctor?

Many prayers!!

Very cute choices. We do not freak out about Christams here. It is Advent now and we still have several feast days that we love before we get to Christmas.

As for you, I suggest an extra rosary for your wife’s intentions and carrying the packages while shopping and a nice dinner that she doesn’t cook! :wink:

If the Holy Spirit has brought you a Husband that truly likes/doesn’t mind shopping you are truly blessed, sounds like he is a pretty lucky guy too.:thumbsup:

Thank you, we do feel extraordinarily blessed :smiley:

Between the large extended families on both sides, who are mostly in town and Teacher Gifts, I have accused her of trying to keep the Dollar Store in business single handedly.:rolleyes:


Here’s a thought on how to prevent a meltdown as you put it…how about maybe HELPING your wife? No, I don’t mean taking directions from her, I mean taking responsibility for some of the thinking and planning et al the goes into Christmas. Heck, maybe you could even come up with a thoughtful suggestion of your own and execute it on your own? It seems the problem here is that you are 1). dismissing your wife’s emotions as ‘hormonal’ (as if that means they are not REAL emotions), and 2). you have no appreciation of all the thought, planning and work that goes into having a nice Christmas for YOU and family 3). You fail to recognize what it means to HER to be able to make everything nice for everyone around her.

If your wife feels overburdened by Christmas and all it’s expectations, why not, as a loving husband, take her aside and talk to her about it? Tell her you are concerned that she is so stressed, and maybe you all should think about downsizing and how you can BOTH do that. Maybe you’d even be willing to give up a night of her cooking, or cleaning, or doing laundry for you so she can relax:confused: :rolleyes:

But, I get from your post that you are really not all the concerned for your wife or the feelings that are behind her ‘meltdowns’, you are just concerned about avoiding being there for her during them.

Have a Merry Christmas:angel1:

Indeed! Madam, I will have you know, that during this time of year I am “Gopher Par Execellance”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, have you ever know a man with as good or better gift ideas than their wife, Not. The main thing she needs, to keep the pressure off of her is protection from her sisters.:wink:

Honestly, Do you ever see men discount, super sensitivity or enormous emotions to hormones. What proof do you have of these allegations?:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

We try to have all our Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. This gives us a smooth ride through Advent with extra time for prayer/preparing our souls instead of having to brave the crowds in the stores! :slight_smile:

Now if only I could get around to writing my Christmas cards! :blush:


I think you are very sweet for posting this thread. It proves you care a lot for your wife and the fact that one of your options is “add an extra rosary” is a great idea.

I wish you had got a bunch of responces by men like you had asked and not a bunch of woman that took your post wrong. I personally do a “low key” christmas but still manage to have a couple of holiday meltdowns in the mix. No i dont need professional help, its normal, its called stress. You want to make things special and the extra effort on top of normal daily tasks can get to anyone. Plus this time of year is very emotional, I am teary eyed every sunday at mass when we see the nativity and start reading about mary saying 'yes" and singing the beautiful Christmas songs. If your wife is “normal” there will be a little extra “hormones” flying around for sure. Not to mention extra family in town or in your home can add to the crazieness.

What i love that my husband does is pick up the slack by doing house hold chores, laundry, dishes, cooking. That makes my life 100% easier so i can have time to organize me lists and plan what i want to do to make things extra special for Jesus’s birthday.

Hah! All the presents are bought, wrapped and under the tree.:stuck_out_tongue: 75% from online shopping. Hubby is mailing out the Christmas cards today on his way to work. No melt down here. (Aren’t you jealous? :smiley: )

I think that only one woman took him wrong. The rest of us are sympathatic toward the OP.

are you for hire, rayne? can i pay you? ha:D

I have not begun–but it is purposeful. I actually decided about two years ago, to just fill my senses with Advent, and leave the shopping for about 4 days before Christmas. I don’t even think about the mall, Target, wrapping paper, nada…until the 21st. Sounds nuts? It has been a dream for us as a family. I know what the kids want, and then I spend about two days doing all the shopping…and wrap on Christmas Eve. I plan to carry this one forever. My husband truthfully does nothing. ha I buy, wrap, dothe Christmas cards, bake the cookies…bla bla. This year, he is working nutty hours so, I don’t expect the help. But, the years before he didn’t help either…hey, I’ve been jipped all these years. lol Seriously, it doesn’t bother me to do it all. I kind of like shopping, wrapping, etc…Now, if the item is heavy, my dh comes with me but other than that…he still believes Santa is coming. :stuck_out_tongue: It has always been this way though…he buys for me, and that’s it. I even buy for his mom, and he just signs the card. lol He doesn’t like shopping–and I could do it for a living–so it works out well. Now, if we were having people for dinner, dh cooks, because he is better at it than me, but we usually have been going to other people’s homes for Christmas, in the family. So he gets out of that too. Hey!!!:smiley: Just being silly.

But, it would be nice to have everything wrapped and under the tree–rraaaayne!!! show off.:rolleyes: :smiley: (teasing you)

Guess that would be me? The crazy nutty one here…

Maybe it is terms, I think of a meltdown as either a sobbing cry or an angry temper tantrum. In my experience, neither of these are even in the ball park of “normal” adult holiday behavior.

If my mom or sister or friend began sobbing, we would not chalk it up to “hormonal girls just do that during Christmas”. Guess we are strange robot women :shrug:


only thing Guardian…that I didn’t like…if you care…lol…is ‘sweet little bundle of hormones.’ I mean, hormones don’t dictate our every move, like men think. lol I wonder what your wife’s pet name is for YOU. lol!!!:smiley:

I was feelin’ ya, kage.:wink: lol I knew where you were coming from. I don’t like every time a woman is upset with something, a man referring to a hormonal meltdown. :shrug:

All Right, Touché!!! WhateverGirl;)

Quite.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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