Christmas Crunch Time: Husbands, what is your strategy for surviving/helping our “Sweet Little Bundles of Hormones” a.k.a. wives, prevent those “Holiday Meltdowns"?

No not you. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve had to deal with irrational people, so I am not blaming this on his wife’s hormones. I’ve known people who make everyone miserable with their desire for the perfect Christmas. If the OP is married to such a person, then he has loads of my sympathy. This isn’t a male/female thing though. I think that the OP might mistakenly have thought that this was normal female behavior. It isn’t.

The op is a guy, so I meant that we were sympathetic toward his plight in dealing with his wife. There was one female poster who politely suggested that the poster should simply do more for his wife. I was referring to her. I didn’t think that my reference toward her was negative though.


**Me!! Me!! Me!! (as I am jumping up and down raising my hand!)

I do get stressed the day before Christmas because basically you are having a Birthday Party for Jesus that day. So yes, I do run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to cook and clean (I dson’t want to wake up to a messy house Christmas morning, especiaaly since the cameras are rolling). But we travel on Christmas eve so it is just really crazy here!!

We did try to get most of the shopping done before Advent so that we would have more time as a family to spend in prayer.

So OP, she’s not being hormonal, just stressed over having A Birthday party for Jesus. :thumbsup:

By the way, not to stray off topic here but does anyone else get annoyed when you see people at Mass on Christmas or relatives wearing jeans and t-shirts on Christmas??? I mean, come on, seriously would you wear that to go to the Holy Father’s birthday or the President of thr USA’s party??? Sorry, it just annoys me!!!:rolleyes: :shrug: **

I love your post mama!!! Nice seeing you, too.:slight_smile:

Ok I’ll admit my mom does give me fits.

I have worked in retail since I was 17 years old so the last thing I want to do is battle the Christmas crowd of shoppers when I have been ringing up the crabby scrooges all day long.:smiley: I shop early -I try to get mostly done before advent even begins, including addressing the Christmas cards so I can relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

Every year my mom calls me less than a week before Christmas to send me on some wild goose chase to look for a present for my dad. She doesn’t drive and she’s nearly 80. Usually it’s something she’s seen in a comercial that she has suddenly decided sounds like a good gift for dad. She never gets the name of the product right, or if it’s something she’s seen in a store she can never remember which store :doh2: .

So I get to run around in the freezing cold to the mall (which is claustrophobic this time of year) and every shopping plaza and strip mall on the planet trying to find the dumb thing. I get to deal with with packed parking lots, crazy drivers and impatient shoppers.:banghead: By the time I finally find it I’m so mad I’m ready to spit nails. So my hubby does get to hear me crab about that.

This year the week before Thanksgiving I asked her to think about what she wants to get my dad for Christmas so she could tell me early instead of sending me on the last minute wild goose chase. Well it’s Dec. 10th and she has yet to tell me so I’m waiting…:shrug:

**WOW Rayne! Your description of the whole shopping experience is so so so TRUE!!! I won’t even go to the malls after Thanksgiving, unless I have to, which I usually don’t need anything from there. **

We have big in town families too and went over our list a few times last night mainly trying to make it fit our budget.:shrug: So we get up this morning and get ready for work and she is stressing, so I ask nicely, a couple of times what she is thinking about. She says she woke up a couple of times thinking about all the shopping she needs to get finished. She gets anxiety attacks sometimes.

I told her we would both get it done and try not to worry so much, then gently asked if she had changed her hormone patch lately. She asked if I have had hot coffee poured on ME lately.:eek: Geee, some people are so testy.

She’s getting her hair done this afternoon after work, so that will be a good treat. So what ever causes the stress it is there.:rolleyes:

LOL I like your wife’s answer.:smiley: Teasing.:slight_smile:

I wonder why if a woman is stressed out or is grouchy or angry, etc…it most always can be determined by men, that this could only be attributed to hormones? I mean, they account for some mood upheaval, but stressing during the holidays can be a very normal thing.:nerd:

Before I got married I was just some happy, go lucky guy. I would be like, Hormone??? What’s a Hormone? Even my wife says men do not have clue about hormones and she is right. I am just repeating what I hear she and her girl friends say.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I think it is just stress as well.:shrug: But your right WG their is no quicker way for a man to make the ladies mad than to bring up THEIR hormones.:smiley:


Did you know that insulin is a hormone? Testosterone is a male hormone, as you know, and causes men to be aggressive, feisty and sometimes argumentative. But, women don’t go around saying…‘there’s that male testosterone again.’ haha But, a woman’s hormones can be out of whack, and cause terrible problems–it can be painful, too…emotionally and physically.

But I thought it interesting when I discovered that insulin is a hormone, and when over produced, it can lead to diabetes…and when over produced, it can wreak havoc on a woman’s body, which is why cutting back on carbs and sugar, can help with a woman’s hormonal highs and lows. :nerd: The tendency to rush a woman onto a hormonal replacement drug in our society by our medical profession is a shame. Not to say it cannot help, but there are natural methods to help with the upheaval–diet is a powerful tool in hormone balance.:nerd:

Ok…back to work I go!:smiley:

I may need some prayers today–I’ve got to go to the mall!! :eek: I’m picking up a gift card for my mom and that’s where the store is. I think I’m crazy for attempting it. I don’t do meltdowns, I get cranky. So, for my DH’s sake, let’s pray that I don’t get too cranky. :smiley:

Well, don’t hate me for this, but…

What few gifts we’re giving this year have been sitting, wrapped, bowed, and tagged, in a closet since July. All we have to do is pull them out and sit them under the tree.

No “crunch time” in nutty stores for us. (shrug) We don’t have to worry about gifts, because they’re already taken care of. When we go grocery shopping, we do it at odd times when everybody in the world isn’t in there, to avoid the crowds.

As for everything else, well…I do all the laundry; I do all the dishes; I do all the cleaning; and I do a considerable portion of the cooking. I figure whatever I do, she doesn’t have to do when she comes home. That’s a normal year-round thing for me, and during the holiday season, if she’s stressed, I simply ask how I can help her, and do what she asks (peel sweet potatoes, run to the store, set the table, whatever), and if she doesn’t need help, I tell her to call me if she wants help, and then try to stay out of her way as much as possible.

Not much to it. All you have to do is be willing to pull your fair share, put her first, and put a bullet through the skull of a nasty and ignorant beastie called “The Male Ego”. :slight_smile:

Sounds like this could be it’s own thread.:wink: I totally agree that the Pharmaceutical - Medical Complex has really twisted things around.

Went shopping last night to the grocery store iwth DW. She was a little fussy from the start but it only got worse, even though we were finding everything we needed. At one point I had to tell her she, “was not thinking clearly”.:stuck_out_tongue: She picked up a can of corn and through it at my feet.:shrug: Luckily I jumped quick enough for it to miss.:smiley: Oh, well.

Only six more days to surviver.:rolleyes:

“By the way, not to stray off topic here but does anyone else get annoyed when you see people at Mass on Christmas or relatives wearing jeans and t-shirts on Christmas??? I mean, come on, seriously would you wear that to go to the Holy Father’s birthday or the President of thr USA’s party??? Sorry, it just annoys me!!!”

Until two years ago I would have agreed with you. That was until DH and I ended up at mass on X-mas eve in jeans and sweaters. On Dec 21st one of our dear friends called and said his mother had died and could we please come to MD. Her funeral was Dec 23 at 6pm and we weren’t sure if we would be able to make it back to MI for Christmas Eve mass, which we always go to with my family. This mass with all of us means so much to my mom and God bless my HD he drove late into the night on the 23rd and we started out so early on the 24 but we made it we pulled into the church parking lot at 4:13 for 4:15 mass. My mom was so happy, and I don’t think Jesus cared what we had on.

All that said this was one of my best Christmas’s I had 30 some hours in the car with just my hubby in a time that is usually stressful and focused on gifts. We met people at truck stops when we stopped to get coffee along the way that were just so full of Christmas, I can’t explain it, it was just really nice.

“At one point I had to tell her she, “was not thinking clearly”. She picked up a can of corn and through it at my feet. Luckily I jumped quick enough for it to miss. Oh, well.”

I told DH I had to go to the store tonight and asked if he would come too he said okay but that I was having a glass of wine before we went and he got the rest of the bottle when we got home :smiley:

The man is a genius!.:thumbsup:

:smiley: lol–that’s classic! I have had some eggnog already…with a wee bit of rum to kick off the festivities that are up and coming…but now I don’t feel so hot.:frowning:

Merry Christmas to you Guardian!

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