Christmas Day Mass

Went to Christmas Day Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Archbishop Wuerl was the presider. Scores and scores of Altar Servers, beautiful choir and I suspect a live orchestra (though I can't be sure... both the choir and the music were coming from waaay in the back of the church, out of view.

And the incense... Dios mio, the incense! :D

Amazing Mass, I am blessed to say I was able to attend. Kinda bummed that I couldn't go to midnight mass though... but, ah well. That's the way it goes.

Anyone else attend Christmas Day mass instead of Midnight?

Now that we don't have any kids who want to sleep in and then open presents in their pj's, we go to Christmas day Mass. So nice not to have to arrive 90 minutes early to get a seat! I do miss the music, though. The choir does not come back on Christmas Day after singing Midnight Mass. . . .

I also went to Mass on Christmas Day. It was the last Mass of the day in my area 12:30; it was also a Latin Mass I guess it was a high mass it was 2 hours long. Lots of incense-smells beautiful and lots of singing. I couldn't follow lots of the mass but I could sit there in peace without my mind running in a million different directions.

I served both Midnight Mass and Christmas morning High Masses in the EF. Both were lovely. The Midnight Mass was by candlelight.

I attended Christmas Day Mass (at 11:00AM) but it was in addition to instead of as well as Midnight Mass. The adult choir sings at both. ...although those who actually showed up on Christmas morning was considerably less than all those who were there at Midnight. Incense only at Midnight. (I don't know if they had incense at any of the Christmas Eve Masses.)

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