Christmas Day, Novus Ordo Style

Very inspiring. Glad I went. Of course I was unable to take Communion, except in the spiritual sense. But I went up with arms crossed for the blessing.

I would like to be able to say that the whole thing made me so spiritual that even the cats were impressed. :angel1:

But when I got home, it was quite clear they were not impressed. Which is the way it should be.

May the joys of Advent be with us all.:thumbsup:

I had a long evenig/night/morning…off to secure pew space.

Carols and rosary began at 2300hrs

Missa Cantata at 2400hrs with the procession of the Infant up to the altar and then to the crib. After Mass the congregation paid homage to the Redeemer before lurching out into the cool night…home in bed by 0250hrs…took some folks home…

Love the hymn "rejoice rejoice Emmanuel…

all 4 Christmas eve Masses to open up the school get candlelight processions and posada started, close and lock everything up (making sure all candles are out). back at 8 am for 9 Mass today. Merry Christmas to all and (yawwwwwwn . . .) two different priests so two different homilies, but listened 4 times to the bishop’s letter.

Cats are impressed only by the sound of an electric can opener or watchng the dog get his head stuck in the kitchen garbage can.

Well, as often, the holidays introduce us to new liturgical experiences.

Christmas Day Mass. The hour strikes.

A rather officious-looking woman went to the lectern:

“Good morning, and Happy Holidays. Welcome to Saint Joseph Catholic Community, and welcome to our Christmas Eucharist,” (Besides the politically correct banality, notice the US and YOU mentality…you’re a guest at OUR party, not fellow Catholics of the universal Church. The tone clearly sets the mood: you’re a captive audience at a private party).

“Please turn off all electronic devices until after the liturgy. We will now stand and joyfully proclaim Christ our Newborn King, by singing #132 in the Breaking Bread missalette.” (Ah, fascism. Got to love the adverbs…you will not just sing, you will sing “joyfully”. Every aspect of your next hour will be scripted.)

Once the hymn ended, Father also said “Good Morning, and Merry Christmas.” (Nothing like ruining any chance of sacral language or freedom from banality). He then asked why people weren’t “smiling” (Gee, maybe the atrocious liturgy?). He then reminded us that this was not “really” the day Jesus was born (Got to debunk those myths at every possible opportunity).

The Gloria was the liturgical text forced into the melody of “Angels We Have Heard on High”, complete with those Gloria in excelsis Deo refrains.

The readings, Father felt the need to tell us, were being "proclaimed’ by someone home from college. We were encouraged to clap for them.

The psalm was a Christmas carol, “Away in a Manger.”

The homily or sermon, if we can call it that, included two mentions of how there would a second collection for something I blocked out of my memory.

There was no Creed, but the General Intercessions took longer than the Eucharistic Prayer, it seemed.

Father used Canon II, and he inserted frequent ad libs about “this blessed Christmas Day”.

Before the final blessing, Father urged us to smile again, saying we looked “depressed.”

The same officious woman told us what to sing at the Offertory, Communion, and the Dismissal. She repeated the hymn numbers three times, even though they were posted, and even though nobody seemed terribly motivated to sing “Go, Tell it on the Mountain” for the Offertory.

Note: this parish has a “conservative” reputation.

Thank God for my parish. Reverent NO and FSSP TLM.


I feel sorry for you.

I too was forced through the Novus Ordo this Christmas, as the only TLM availible on Christmas Day was two hours away, in some deserted corner of the Dicoese - it was also at 8am (Missa Cantata however).

However, it was good, as far as the NO goes. Bishop saying Mass, very good choir and plainchant throughout, some carols. I was serving, aswell as quite a few others - very reverent serving. No abuses.

My next TLM is in London on new years day - The Latin Mass Society’s anual new year Solemn High Mass. Should be exceedingly good.

Heaven’s sake, Alex, for one day of the year can the whining.

I agree with a fair bit of what you’re saying, especially the lack of the prescribed Psalm (which is an actual abuse rather than just poor personal style) but I’m sick to death of hearing about it.

If you must comment, do so to those who can do something.

Funny, I thought when I saw the thread title “Christmas Day, Novus Ordo Style”, I thought that I would be hearing the most authentic example of the current Ordo Missae for Christmas, namely, that lovely Mass offered at St. Peter’s Basilica by Pope Benedict XVI last night. It was simply breathtaking. (A little crowded, but gorgeous nonetheless. :slight_smile: )

People, can we please not whine about small potatoes on Christmas Day and turn this into a “the TLM is just so incredibly superior to the current rite” thread. Not to make light of the ad-libbed parts of the Eucharistic Prayer or the non-Psalm Responsorial Psalm, or the use of a secular greeting. These should be stopped. As for the cantor business, she was just trying to be kind and friendly; don’t worry about this; she did not commit an abuse.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Alex, I agree with you.
The NO you talk about here is innovation central.

For all of you coming in stating that just one day can we stop the whinning, how about, for one lousy day of the year could we possibly have a liturgy free of innovation or abuse?

Pretty please?

I have it at my parish, you should too.

We had traditional things mixed with experimentation. Why can’t we just have the Mass of Pope Paul 6th (the N.O.) with the designated differences for holidays? Some of us who go the FSSP Masses go to a N.O. Mass where our intelligence isn’t insulted by the sermons and the Mass goes as is written. “Small potatoes” use loopholes which often lead to real abuses. It gets you thinking what else you can legalistically get around legally for sentimental reasons until it all seems ridiculous (people sense it deep down and react immaturely over time as you should have heard the negative talk about priests that screw up and sermons to sleep to by Boomers at a party I had to be at). Obviously, “pro multis” should be put back in by the Church that cares so much about impressing Protestants with our Bible knowledge. Still, at least the Mass is what everyone seems to like over the Tridentine Mass so why accept the experimentation?

Attend your most local FSSM or Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest to learn about what we’ve been missing. Go to or or com for real Catholic practices and not getting liquored up on Christmas Eve making fun of your Faith while living like a jerk. We have been dumned down and, like the Jews in Babylon, got too comfortable in a pagan culture–i.e. most the Western world.

Merry Christmas; Holy Christmas actually

Merry Christmas!

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May God Bless You Abundantly,
Catherine Grant
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And how on earth is whinging on here achieving this desirable end?

If half the energy that is wasted here was put into going through official channels to get the innovations stopped you’d be much more likely to succeed.

It certainly sounds conservative to me:thumbsup: . I don’t see why you criticize:tsktsk: .

Apparently the Priest handled both the homily and the consecration, both of which I’ve seen done by lay people and or Sisters. No mention was made of the Host being onion bagels or corn tortillas, both of which I’ve seen, The music, while somewhat banal and protestant sounding wasn’t as bad as using something like Let it Be or Bridge Over Troubled Water, both of which I’ve seen done. No Creed was simply a bow to the sensibilities of any non Christians that might be present, wouldn’t want a stray Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Wiccan, Pagan or Satanist to be offended by a statement of belief in the Christian God, the Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus, the Gloria was done in a new, relevant and artistic style, no mention of one extraordinary Minister for every two communicants, and the actions of the Master of Ceremonies designed solely to keep people on the orthodox path:thumbsup: .

In fact the only thing I can see wrong with this Mass was the unreasonable demand that cell phones and other electronic devices, IPODS. Gameboys etc, be turned off. I do agree that the MC went too far there and should be censured:tsktsk: .

Heaven only knows what sort of stuff people might come up with if left to their own devices.:bigyikes:

I went to both Midnight Mass and the Mass during the Day, I had to distribute communion at both and read at one. Midnight Mass is always very Solemn at my Parish the majority of the sung parts were in Latin with a trumpeter accompaning the organ. Incense galore but to my dismay I was the only one beside the priest to kneel during the Credo. This morning the priest reminded everyone that we are to kneel where the incarnation is mentioned and so most did.

We went to the Christmas vigil Sunday evening. There were a few musical numbers performed beforehand accompanied by a piano, violin, and guitar. One of them might have been secular in nature, but very nicely done. I think there might have been some clapping.

There was a greeting by one of our wonderful lectors who was nicely dressed in suit and tie. I don’t remember what exactly he said, but people are always reminded to turn off cell phones and beepers.

Then there was the entrance procession. Our deacon intern with the incense, followed by 3 altar servers (2 boys, 1 girl) followed by our pastor who placed the baby Jesus in the creche.

The Gloria was sung.

Father read the long form of the gospel. The homily was nice - mentioned reconciliation among other things.

There was more incense before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. I think Father used the 3rd Eucharistic prayer - though I wasn’t following in the misselette, and I don’t have them all memorized. He paused for several seconds as he genuflected after the consecration of the Body and Blood. He has been bowing the past week or so rather than genuflecting (leading one to think that there is a physical issue), and I wondered if he was going to need help getting up.

After Holy Communion (which was given by Father, our deacon intern, and 2 EMHC’s) the choir sang “Go Tell it on the Mountain”. It was very nice with most people joining in on the refrain. I winced a little bit when they started clapping in time with the music, but it was joyful clapping. The demographics of our parish are mixed, and our music is an eclectic mix of classical, traditional hymns, contemporary, spirituals, etc. There were was a trumpet, along with the organ, violin, and guitar last night.

After an hour and 15 or 20 minutes our celebration was over. Joined with so many around the world doing the same thing.

And life is good!

Lily, you know I respect you more than words can say. But sometimes the inmates are running the asylum. Nothing that one can do will change what goes on. I know, I did it. Joining committees, volunteering, attempting to go through the right channels, nothing changed. It still hasn’t changed. And I left two years ago.

Let the people vent and don’t admonish them.
Like I said, all some people want for Christmas is a liturgy without innovation. Sadly, when they don’t get it, they have to go somewhere.

Validate their feelings, give them some sympathy and pray that things will change for them.

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