Christmas duets?


My husband and I have been asked to perform a song or two at his company Christmas dinner. We will be at a fancy restaurant and sometime during the dinner the waiter will bring out my husband’s guitar and my husband will say, “Oh no, I couldn’t, well, OK.” and then we are going to break into song. It will be a total surprise to everyone else and I am looking very forward to it. we have already decided on “Baby, Its cold outside”, but I would like to have one more song in our back pocket. I was also thinking that it would be nice to make it a somewhat religious song. All his co workers are practicing Christians, so it would be fitting, but I can’t think of any good duets or any Christmas songs that are heavy on harmony so that we could perform together. Any ideas?

My husband has already vetoed “Mary, did you know” because I have sung it so many years at church that he is sick of it, so anything other than that?


Why don’t you sing Silent Night and invite everyone to sing with the two of you. Worked for Bob Hope when he did his Christmas shows for the troops. I am sure it will work for you as well.


Thats a great idea!


If you have access to Gather Comprehensive (green cover) there is a lovely partner song to sing with “Silent Night”. It is number 342 and is called “Night of Silence.”


I second the Silent Night/Peace on Earth companion song (also used in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp) it’s very lovely:

Written by Sonny Burke with lyrics by Peggy Lee

Peace on Earth

Silent as the snowflake in the night
Holy is the spirit of this night
All the world is calm and peaceful
All the world is bright and joyful

Spirit of love and child of peace
Love unending that shall not cease
Peace, my children of good will
Peace, my children, peace, be still

Good luck


I will look that up, thanks!


I remember this, and I like it, but I’m not sure if my husband will go for it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will run it past him


I just ran the Silent night/ Peace on Earth descant past my husband, and its a winner. We already know this song because we have three kids and we have watched “Lady and the Tramp” an insane amount of times. I also remember David Bowie singing this with Bing Crosby. Great Suggestion, Its a winner, and it suits my voice. I think I will watch Lady and the tramp tomorrow to see if there are any harmonies, but I think it will be nice with me just singing.


It’s funny you mentioned Bing and Bowie, I ran across that video just yesterday!

It’s Little Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth (not the same song as above, though)

Fun video!


I was wrong about it being Silent night, it was always little drummer boy-- my bad, but the peace on earth song is the same I was thinking of.

We ended up trying to sing “Baby its cold outside” and “Let it Snow” Because my husband vetoed a slow song. We messed up on “Baby” so bad we had to end half way through because of all the heckling and we were all laughing so hard that we couldn’t get through “Let it Snow”. Once we all quieted down, we sang one verse of “Oh Come Emmanuel”. It worked. We redeemed ourselves. My husband made a little speech about what Christmas means to us and how we hoped they all had a great Christmas too.


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