Christmas eve quickie


Ok what would you do in this situation. You are going to St. Peter’s seminary next fall but have been spending the year living with Protestant grandparents. They are expecting you to goto Church with them Christmas eve. You are confident in your Catholic faith and vocation but are very timid when it comes to going to other places of worship.


Honor your grandparents’ wishes. They will be happy that you are together with them on this blessed, special night. Tomorrow, attend Mass. And since your faith is strong, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just enjoy their celebrations (of course, don’t partake in any of their ceremonies) and be happy that on this special night, many people are out to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Remember, many non-Catholic Christian denominations hold a lot of the truths that the Catholic Church does. They are our seperated brethen.

Merry Christmas!


Honor your grandparents wishes… Go and enjoy them while you still can… your faith is strong so there is no threat.

Peace and Merry Christmas!!!


Go, and don’t worry about worshipping and praising God with our Separated Brethren. The Church does approve of us doing that together.

Every Christmas blessing,



Thanks all, your peaceful words of encouragement put me at ease as I went to a 7:30 worship service and then went to midnight mass alone and our Bishop was there. What a wonderful night. Merry Christmas!!! And one last thing, don’t forget to pray for those who are spending Christmas alone.


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