Christmas Gift- A Minute In The Church

I am trying to decide on what gift to give my family for Christmas. We have long ago stopped exchanging Christmas gifts, but since I really enjoy hosting our holiday gathering I like to put a gift at each person or each couple’s place setting (depending on what the gift is).

I was considering ordering copies of A Minute In The Church by Gus Lloyd and was wondering if anyone here is familiar with it.

My family tends to be very vocal about their Catholicism and I’m sure believe themselves to be very devout- probably more Catholic than the Pope and most of our Bishops, in fact. :roll eyes:

That being said, I don’t want to start a religious debate at the dinner table over their orthodoxy so before I order 10 copies I was wondering if someone could give me some insight into what to expect and if it would be an appropriate gift.

The alternative is new oven mitts for everyone.

I don’t have those particular booklets, but I do have his 12 cd set of apologetics and I have heard a lot of his talks on the subjects that are in the booklets on his radio show. I find it all very down to earth and easy to understand, totally orthodox, no sugar coating. I would recommend them. And the booklets are also endorsed by his Bishop.

To give a nice book and keep all peaceful at the table etc, why don’t you give Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron. A beautiful book, pictures etc, and Catholicism around the world.

That would be my suggestion.

I LOVE Fr. Barron. Haven’t read his book. My family, on the other hand, seemed to find some objection to his videos as I recall, though they have never even seen them. :roll eyes:

Thanks to the PP giving me some insight into Minute In The Church.

Maybe I’ll just have them out for a “grab bag” so they can take them or leave them, throw in the Fr. Barron book and maybe some other religious reading material. I’ll give them some oven mitts and spice mixes to avoid controversy. :shrug:

No worries about Gus, he will fight to the end, as will I, I having being part of a family where Catholic is a 4 letter word.

I have the book and have found it to be very true to the faith and easy to read. Our parish just ordered 200 copies to give to our high school students.

My recommendation is to never give everyone in the family the same book - unless you wrote it. No matter what the topic or how insightful the author is, everyone will assume that you are preaching to them and that you think they all need to be “fixed” somehow.

Here is what I recommend: read the book yourself first. Find out first hand what it is all about. If you like it, you can discuss it over dinner, “I just read a really good book about… What have you been reading lately?” If someone expresees an interest, lend them your copy or perhaps have an extra book or two on hand.

For the gift at the table, make up cute, but different, little packages of kitchen things (or another theme). I understand that these are meant to be “non-gift” gifts, sort of like table favors, but you still don’t want it to look like you scooped up all the oven mitts on sale! :o

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