Christmas Gift Dilemma

I found this neat trivia book for a Christmas present. It is just a bunch of top all-time top 10 lists covering a broad array of topics. A lot of it is very good. Plus, for being a secular book it actually portrays Catholicism quite positively. One of the many examples is that there is a top 10 people who saved Jews during the Holocaust list and Pope Pius XII is number 1:thumbsup:!

Quite unfortunately, however, there are some problems. The worst that I have found so far is as follows: There is a top 10 list of bizzare bible stories. I can't tell if this list is just being humorous or downright disrespectful. But at one point it talks about the part in Exodus where the LORD passes by Moses and all Moses sees is the LORD's back. The writer sadly makes a blasphemous commentary about the passage in a sexual nature, i.e. that Moses was looking at the LORD impurely :eek::mad:

I'm wondering if I should return this book rather than give it as a gift. But there is so much positive stuff in there about Christianity and Catholicism that I feel like I am throwing the baby out with the bath water. What should I do?

I have a habit of posting in the inappropriate thread. This may have been a better fit in Moral Theology.

Who are you giving it to?
If the person is already Catholic (and not going to fly into a *huge *rage)
I think it would be okay. Personally I would just roll my eyes pray for them and be on my way...

It's for a non-Catholic couple living together but unmarried. One is not particularly ant-Catholic but certainly disagrees with a lot of Church teaching as she understands it. The other has a very low opinion of organized religion. I initially took interest in this book by browsing the Web. It is just one of those random facts books. But when I skimmed it, I got excited because of the positive light in which it portrays Catholicism and I thought it would be a good way for this couple to learn about the Church. Unfortunately there is the top-ten list about the Bible which is not so good. (I do know it is ideal to actually read books before giving them as gifts, but I just am not much of a naturally voracious reader so I just skimmed it.)

I thought that just giving them a Bible or a catechism for Christmas might turn them off, at least at this point. Also I would feel more comfortable doing something like that in a one-on-one situation with the woman.

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