Christmas gift idea

My mother in law belongs to life church and she has commented on how I don’t need to be catholic and how she just wants to know what’s in the bible so my thought was to get her a book maybe by Scott hahn or another really excellent apologist but one that isn’t overtly catholic so that she would read it and maybe start thinking about Catholicism as an option.
Any suggestions on titles would be greatly appreciated !!!

Don’t laugh. Catholicism for Dummies by Rev. John Trigilio Jr. and Rev. Kenneth Brighenti

It is very informative without being preachy.

Scott Hahn’s A Father Who Keeps His Promises would be my recommendation. It’s basically Scott Hahn’s understandable summary of salvation history. It’s engaging, it’s easy to read, it’s all about the Bible, and it is Catholic.

Under your particular set of circumstances, I strongly encourage you NOT get your mother-in-law any books on Catholicism, because we want PEACE on earth! :wink:

What are her interests, tastes, and hobbies? Giving a gift requires some knowledge of the recipient AND reflects the giver.

You could also make her a gift, by hand.

Trying to convert someone, at Christmas, is probably not advisable. My sister tried that on me last Christmas. It’s just not a good way to start off 2015, in my opinion. :twocents:

Forget your differences, and see her as a person. Get her something she wants but maybe wouldn’t normally buy for herself.

Ask your spouse for hints.

One year, my brother, who converted and is now a Baptist, got us ALL a copy of “The Purpose Driven Life”.

My mother got her copy, gave it back, as I did I with mine.

There is just too much risk this could backfire, take years, possibly, to heal that rift. Best to err on the side of caution and get something more neutral, insofar as religion is concerned.

Give her a book, but not as a Christmas gift.


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