Christmas Gift Recommendations for Teen Nephews


I have two teen nephews. Looking for some Christmas gift recommendations for them.

One is 8th grade. I will be confirmation sponsor for him in the spring. He is very sharp, perceptive and wise beyond his years and has a way of connecting with people.

The other is sophomore in high school - kind hearted but has trouble communicating. He struggles in school and is getting just passing grades. (I see a lot of myself in him.)

I’m planning to give them each a copy of the “Fishers of Men” video from the USCCB. Is there a book/video about the Cure d’Ars that might be appropriate for the second nephew? I read a vatican official recently call for priests to have spiritual equivalent of Rambo’s physical strength! Are there any materials along that line that might be appropriate for them?



I think something on the Cure d’Ars is a good idea for the sophmore; the Cure had truble with school too.

The first one - wise beyond his years, and connects with people huh - do you know who his confirmation saint will be? Maybe something related to that. Or… well, you know your nephews better than I do; I’ll cop out and say “trust your judgement!” :smiley:


I like the Vision book series on saints. It’s very readable. I like it for myself, too.


You are looking specifically for "Christian" gifts?

Otherwise, I would suggest i-tunes gift cards or Starbucks gift cards. I know, it seems non-clever and unimaginative and impersonal, but it's what teens want. You can buy a respectable snack or coffee drink at Starbucks for $5.00.

You COULD attach the Starbucks cards to your Christian gifts. ;)


All Things Guy :thumbsup:

Other great selections here


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