Christmas Gift


Can anyone tell me what a an appropriate gift for a priest,I’ve never met in person, would be?We do talk,on the phone,he has helped me so much with Steven,my son in prison,I’m probably in the wrong forum,but I wanted to ask you,my friends.Thanks


A donation to go towards his retirement might be nice if he is a diocesan priest.


My husband and I usually give a donation.


I think a donation is the best way to go Bubbie, you can buy beautiful money pouches with the sacred heart on the front of it, well i can in Scotland but i am sure it the same all over:)


A donation is an excellent gift…or perhaps a credit balance at a Catholic Bookshop…


Christmas diaries, quotation books and various storybooks filled with folk tales and other holy fables wrapped under a cover of happy Christmas slogans also make an exotic Christmas gift idea.


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