Christmas Gifts...What are you asking for?

Hello everyone!
With the Christmas season right around the corner I was wondering what you are all asking for this year?
Especially the fellow men on this forum, what gifts are you asking for to advance you in your spiritual life/the Faith, hobbies etc.?
God bless!

I don’t ever ask for anything. That is not the point of gift giving to me. And I love surprises, so my family is on their own. :wink:


I want…





NOTHING. We just got a new truck and we have everything we need and more than we need.


I asked that the money spent on any Christmas gifts for me would be sent to a good Catholic charity.

I don’t need anything, in fact I’m to the age where I am downsizing. I have enough books to read, both vehicles are in good shape, don’t need any tools, …


My family never knows what to get me so several years ago I started buying my own books, after shave, and more books. I order in September, give them to my wife to wrap and by the time Christmas arrives I’ve forgotten what they are and am still pleased and surprised.


I always ask for the same thing–pierced earrings (fishhook preferred), candles (and I specify the three scents that I can tolerate) and towels.

The only jewelry I wear other than my wedding ring is earrings (although I have stopped wearing small ones and posts after losing two different ones pulling off my mask–I can HEAR large earring when they fall off). I love quirkly earrings that express my interests or that are holiday-related–right now, I’m wearing turkey earrings about the size of a quarter!

I use candles almost everyday, so I appreciate having a large supply!

And I HATE ratty, threadbare towels–and that’s the way our towels look after a year or two of use. So I LOVE getting new, soft, plush towels and relegating the ratty ones down to the basement pile of “scrubbing towels.”

I also love anything associated with ice skating, and uranium glass for my collection.

One other thing–EVERY year for the past ten years, my kids have gotten me a goofy Jesus item because when they were little, I would draw Jesus for them in stories, and my Jesus drawings were…not really good, and He always wore a blue sash. When I drew Jesus as a Baby in the manger, it really looked like a carrot (swaddling clothes), and my daughter swears that this has scarred her for life. So one year they (and my son-in-law, too) stayed up very late to craft a “Nutcracker Jesus” for me. Ever since then, they have found the most ridiculous Jesus gifts–last year, it was a refrigerator display of “What Would Jesus Wear?” At the moment, I have Him dressed in a dashiki and khakis.

I also like food gifts, unfortunately.


I don’t really want anything… well a new car would be nice, I’m currently in an 11 year old Renault with dodgy interior wiring that has gaffer tape holding bits of trim together, but I think that a new car might not quite fit onto Santa’s sleigh.

To be fair it is mechanically functional, so it can wait until LO starts school in September so I don’t want anything. My wife offered to buy me a SwitchStationBox 17, but it’d just gather dust sitting in its box, much like the quadcopter drone thing my parents got me for my birthday. I’m a nightmare to buy for, but I love getting people presents.

I just told my daughter I wanted a power screw driver for Christmas! (she usually gives me perfume or a purse)


@Dlee, now there’s a gift I would like!


A job


A film scanner (for digitizing old photos from negatives).

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When they ask, I always tell my loved ones to surprise me. Whatever they wish to do for me, I appreciate. They know my tastes, my simple pleasures in life, they know what I love, and I leave it up to them. Some of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten have been totally unexpected.

One year, my sister made me a steppingstone for my garden path out of dyed concrete (it was green) and she embedded in it a glazed ceramic cat. I still have that today, and I got it for Christmas in 2000.

In 2013, she made me a beautiful needlepoint picture of a couple of cats resting contentedly in front of a fireplace. It was a lot of work, as it’s huge. She framed it for me, so all I had to do was hang it.

I love things people make with their hands, but whatever the gift, I appreciate the thought behind it.

Best of all, when they can visit, they gift me with their presence.


I am only asking God for one thing: to let my 17yo girl survive her brain stem tumour and be well again. I miss her.


I pray that God heals your daughter and that her health is restored. God bless your family!


The movie Just Mercy!

Love flannels so I ask for those usually, I have way too many haha. Always love new board games and hoping to get the Summa Theologica. Also the iPhone 11 has peaked my interest as my iPhone 7 is slow beyond belief

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I’ll pray for your family, so sorry for the struggle, God bless you both.

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…and books :blush:. Always, books, or art supplies, or a sculpture from Creator Mundi.

Creator Mundi

Below is the one I told my husband about for this year, The Angel of Strength. He loved it so I won’t be surprised if ‘we’ get that for Christmas :joy: I have many of the smaller angels, crosses, and other prayer devotionals and use them throughout the day. Being a very tactile person, I find the cool weight of the bronze is focusing and comforting. I’m often found holding a peace during Mass, prayer, in hospital waiting rooms, etc.

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