Christmas Hymns for MySpace

Seeing as CAF has a lot of computer proficient members I’m asking for help from anyone who uses MySpace.

I’m updating my page for the holiday season to run according to the Advent season. I’m avoiding the Christmas trees, snowmen, lights and ornaments and leaning toward nativity scenes, stars, baby jesus, etc. (later I’ll add the three kings in there).

I do like to have a song play when people open my page so I’m looking for Christmas hymns to place there. I don’t like the search engine for MySpace music because you need to know the name of the group/singer, and they only have ‘Christian’ as a category, not Catholic.

I’m hoping some of you MySpace users have some music selection recommendations for me. I’d appreciate the assist.

If you define music as what you are searching for, just type the name of the hymn. For example, search music for O Holy Night.

MySpace music search doesn’t let you choose by song title. :frowning:
I find the way it’s designed frustrating, to say the least, but if you know an artist’s name it’s really good and finding some of their songs.

I just figured some people here were also modifying their myspace for the holidays and might have some good artists to recommend.

I should check out the Catholic MySpace pages.

It still works if you do that because people who want you to hear their music have created pages with the song as the band name. There are two pages of results just for O Holy Night. I’m sure you would find the same for other songs.

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