Christmas in Rome!!! Where to go for mass???

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So a friend and I are looking to be in Rome :smiley: from the 20th to the 27th of December, and we are trying to figure out a list of places to go-specifically where to go for mass. We hope to request tickets for the Christmas mass at St. Peter’s ASAP, but we’re also looking at going to mass at least once (maybe twice) a day. The question is, neither of us have been to Rome or Italy before, (I have never been abroad, actually) and we hope to find a number of churches where they celebrate the Extraordinary form and hopefully some Eastern Catholic Churches (or even Orthodox) where we can attend a Divine Liturgy or two. I posted this here as we are intersted in the Extraordinary form mostly, but if there is a better location for this thread, feel free to move it. : )

We know that there is so much to do in Rome! Any tips on where to go visit, eat, etc would be greatly appreciated-with a focus on the above Mass-related questions, of course!

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I was in Rome in 2007 and there is almost a church on every street corner. I saw two Catholic churches side by side! Besides St. Peter’s, plan to see St. Mary Major, St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, and St. John Lateran are among the many you must see.

I would suggest that you go to Saint Mary Major during Christmas season. It contains the manger that Jesus was laid in after his birth. The basilica was built by the Byzantine emperor Constantine. The virgin Mary chose the site for the church by the miracle of snow falling on rhe site although it had not fallen awnywhere else.

There may be other places in Rome where the Usus Antiquior is regularly celebrated, but The FSSP maintains a parish there, so that is a safe bet.

For Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgies there is the Church of Santi Sergio e Bacco headed by the Ukranian Greek Catholic Church

Also when friends have traveled to Rome in the past they told stories of numerous priests celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass daily at 7AM or similar times at the various side altars of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Since they were adult altar servers (one is a seminarian now) they had the privilege of serving holy Mass for these priests. Have a great time in Rome! Sia lodato Gesu Christo!

It contains the manger that Jesus was laid in after his birth. The basilica was built by the Byzantine emperor Constantine.

Go to Mass in all the major basilicas. They have Mass times on their websites.

Rome is amazing! I would go back in a heartbeat. :thumbsup:

Skip public transportation (as good as it is!) and walk as much as possible. It’s a great way to discover all the churches that are not in the guidebooks. Also a good way to find out of the way restaurants.

Thanks for the awesome info, guys! I see quite a bit on historical churches, and the FSSP in Rome-that’s great.

Anyone got anything on Eastern Catholicism in Rome? Or is that just nonexistent…

There are several. Rome has a Maronite church (San Marone), and while I forget the specific location, I think it’s near to the Piazza San Pietro in Vincoli. There is also a Melkite church (Santa Maria in Cosmedin). Most tourists see at least the outside of this one since the famous bocca de la vertità is located there (front-left of the entrance portico). There is also a Ukrainian church (located, IIRC, in the Boccea district).There may be others as well, but I can’t recall off-hand.

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I’ll actually be in Rome from Dec-15th through the 27th. We have tickets to Midnight Mass at St. Peter’s, so that should be exciting!

I plan to attend either the FSSP or ICRSP apostolates on Gaudete Sunday, and St. Peter’s Novus Ordo in Latin for the fourth sunday of Advent.

Besides the suggestions earlier in this thread, is there any other awesome stuff I should check out? I’m hoping to secure tickets to visit St. Peter’s tomb, but I’m not sure how likely it is I’ll be able to assist at a mass down there.

There’s so little info on Latin Masses (EF or OF) in Rome, it’s frustrating!!!


Oh well. I’m excited!

Wow!!! I’m envious!!! Good thing there’s confession tomorrow night…

Have a wonderful time!!


Have a *wonderful *time!!! Come and tellus all about it afterward!!!

It would be wonderful it you can manage to get tickets for the Scavi tour!!! They are difficult to come by; if you haven’t yet requested tickets, I would do it very quickly. We did this tour a few years ago and it was simply fascinating. I do not know if Mass is said there; I haven’t heard of it. Here is the email address, in case you don’t yet have it:

I doubt that is genuine!

In addition to what has already been mentioned, look into the great Collegium Russicum near St. Mary Major (though I imagine they’re on the Julian calendar)

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