Christmas Mass Lector - Which reading??

Hello! I am lectoring on Christmas Eve mass at 6pm. I googled the mass readings for that day and I’m so confused. The USCCB lists the readings for that day (12/24) but I’m assuming that’s for the morning mass. So I click on 12/25 and listed is a vigil mass and a “mass during the night” Is 6pm considered during the night?

I want to practice in advance.

Thank you!

Find out who’s preaching and ask him.

How about instead of asking a bunch of strangers who aren’t members of your parish, you call the Rectory and ask the priest or a deacon or the lector coordinator. We don’t attend your parish.

How about you don’t be so snarky?

Isn’t everyone on this forum a bunch of strangers? Why ask anyone anything.

YOU are the perfect example of why I rarely visit this site.


The reason I said to ask the homilizer wasn’t to brush you off or be snarky, but because there are several options (e.g. the Vigil Mass has an optional Gospel to avoid the genealogy which isn’t kid-friendly at children’s liturgies) and several ways to interpret whether it’s a ‘true vigil’ or ‘at night.’

So, the only one who can tell you is the priest or deacon who may be preaching on the readings at that Mass.

I never said YOU were being snarky. I was refering to the other poster who was so kind as to inform me that all of you don’t attend my parish. Because of course that’s what I thought. :rolleyes:

My parish has 8,000 members and several Priests - I would have a hard time reaching the person who is preaching… but I will call the office and see if they can help. Or I’ll simply practice them all and find out when I get there.

My husband picked up my new lector workbook but thinks he accidently left it at the church.

I thought perhaps there was a specific rule - sundown is considered “at night” sort of thing. But if not - nevermind. :shrug:

Hi yellowbird,

I’m a reader, too. However, I’m not reading Christmas. I am reading December 30th, and there is a choice of 2 readings for Readings 1 and 2. I like to practice in advance, too.

Whenever this happens, I find, if I email our Parish secretary. She’ll ask Father, and email all of us reading for the Masses on that day with his choice of readings. Or as suggested you could call.

God bless you.

Hi yellowbird -
Take a deep breath dear. Don’t let someone else’s bad attitude ruin yours.
PacoG didn’t even rate a reply in my book.
Don’t let him bother you.
God bless.

Yellowbird, “Mass During the Night” is a more accurate translation of what is commonly called “Midnight Mass”. For a 6:00pm Mass you would probably want to use the Vigil Mass readings. You would probably use “Mass During the Night” starting around 9:00pm or so.

That said…

It is not unusual for parishes to use the readings for Mass During the Night for all Masses on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. So the advice to speak to whoever is preaching is not bad.

Ordinarily, 6pm would be the Vigil Mass, so the Vigil readings would be used. But definitely double–check with whomever will preach/homilize.

Hi, I am a lector and I have done and am doing Christmas eve Mass. You should first check with you worship coordinator. Likewise, as a lector, you should have received the workbook for lectors from your parish which covers the whole liturgical year from Advent to the feast of Christ the King. Even though it is early evening, at least in my parish, I am doing the midnight Mass readings, which include the Luke narrative. Good luck!

Thanks very much for your responses. I appreicate it. I am going to email the parish secretary.

Merry Christmas!

You are sweet! Thank you! :hug3:

I hope all goes well on Christmas Eve for you.

I’m one who likes to prepare for all of the readings and ask the priest before Mass which one he wants for that particular Mass (no matter what the liturgy director says the reading should be). You never know what kind of curveball the priest might throw at you at the last minute.

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