Christmas Midnight Mass in New York City, Christmas Day Mass (Conservative, for children)



A friend of mine will be taking the family, with small children to New York City for Christmas.
They would really love to go to a Tridentine Latin Mass on Christmas Eve (Midnight Mass)
and they would also like to attend a beautiful Christmas Day Mass.
Again, they would prefer the Mass in the EF/TLM (with Gregorian Chant, incense, Communion on the tongue, Communion rail etc.) but it can also be a NO Mass.
But they would like a really conservative Church. Any ideas?
Has anyone here been to New York for Christmas?
What Church did you go to?
What would you recommend?
If you have links, pictures, etc. that would be great!:thumbsup:
Thank you for your help,
Merry Christmas!
Peace :slight_smile:



Haven't been myself to any of the masses, but if you go to and type in NYC as the location and then choose Latin as the language, you will come up with 4 churches that have a Latin mass. Hope this helps.


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