Christmas Movie Moral Dilema - Not Real But Have Some Fun


Ok folks, things are getting a little heavy around here so I have included two videos that are excerpted from a movie I think most of us will recognize that I think will bring up many conversations on parenting, marriage, honesty, and modesty. Enjoy and have some fun:

Leg Lamp - Part I - Receipt of the Lamp

Leg Lamp - Part II - the Broken Leg

And no folks I am not being overly scrupulous I am having some clean Advent fun!!



I love this movie. Thanks for bringing up some humor in the threads!


OK Rascal - ID the moral issues -lets hear it and sink our teeth into it - it will be fun and not hurt anyone’s feelings.


Hey now-I've had a looooooong day and I'm going to bed soon. It's late up here! You should go to bed soon too! ;)


OMGoodness! I LOVE that movie!! We watch it here every Christmas. The dad character reminds me of my dad, who used to always have issue with the septic pump rather than the furnace (we lived on an acreage at the time). The same sort of sounds emitting from his mouth floating upstairs… Thanks for sharing!


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