Christmas music — good news and bad news

I hope this is the right forum for this topic.

First the bad news. They’ve already started playing Christmas music in most of the stores and restaurants. And Advent hasn’t even started yet!

Now the good news. When I stopped into McDonald’s today, Christmas music was being played, and I started to inwardly grumble until I realized that the second and third songs I heard were SILENT NIGHT and O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL. So it’s a little early, but Jesus was being piped into McDonald’s!

Why would you go to McDonalds? :eek:

Tell me about it! I work in the mall over the Christmas season and by the time Christmas is here, I am overdosed on Christmas music! I would give a pretty penny never to have to hear Mariah Carey or Celine Dion again. I make an exception to Nat King Cole though - that man could sing!

I know what you mean about the Christmas music already. But I am waiting to hear “Christmas In Sarajevo” by TSO and Bing Crosy/David Bowie duet" Little Drummer Boy- Peace On Earth"


I heard a lovely version of “The First Noel” on secular radio yesterday, including the verse “Then let us all with one accord/ Sing praises to our heavenly Lord/ That hath made heaven and earth of nought/ And with His blood mankind has bought.” I wish I knew who sang it. He had a good baritone voice and didn’t add lots of vocal embellishments. :thumbsup:

I’m not in favor of radio stations playing Christmas music at all before Thanksgiving, but if they’re going to play it, I’d rather they play the above than the Hippopotamus song.

Anyone else have local stations playing “all Christmas, all the time”? We have one. They used to only do it for 36 hours, starting at noon on Christmas Eve and going through until midnight on 12/26, which was great. For whatever reason, a few years ago they switched to doing the 24-7 thing in mid November. Talk about overkill.

I was in the parking lot of the grocery store I go to the other night when I heard instrumental versions of the Doors’s “Roadhouse Blues” and “Light My Fire.” I was bemused by the choice of elevator music till I got closer to the store. I was actually listening to a giant musical snow globe playing “Joy to the World” and “Jingle Bells.” How they managed to make them sound like the Doors from a distance I don’t know.

XM satellite radio has had three Christmas channels running for a couple weeks now. Sirius starts theirs tomorrow, also three channels–classical, traditional (i.e., Bing, Nat, Frankie, et al.) and country (ewww!)

I downloaded my Christmas CDs onto the iPod yesterday – so I’m all set for the season. My own private “all Christmas all the time!” (And, YES, I know it is Advent. I know it is a penitential season. My spiritual life honors that. But my musical life LOVES Christmas carols. :smiley: )

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The Sirius Classical Christmas station is awesome. :thumbsup:

Dave BJ- thanks for the information about Sirius. Last year they only had one Christmas channel. My Christmas music is almost exclusively Bing Crosby (he IS Christmas music) and Michael W. Smith. But I love listening to the Christmas channel on Sirius so thanks for the info. I’m gonna go find out what channels they are on!

Personally, I love listening to Christmas music at any time. Of course, I am usually the one choosing what to listen to (and it is not the mall Christmas muzak). Anyway, I am currently hooked on Josh Groban’s new release, *Noel. *It is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes when I sampled it in the store. I knew immediately that I had to buy that CD. His rendition of The Little Drummer Boy is breathtaking. Listening to Christmas CD’s while at work is, for me, quite relaxing. When things get really stressful, I bring up Itunes and listen to Josh Groban or John Berry, and my spirit is uplifted.

Funny…some people (not pointing fingers) complain about there not being enough ‘Christmas’ in Christmas, and it bothers you that the music is being played/heard so early?

Can’t have it both ways.

I suppose they went in to get something to eat, or a cup of coffee. Why not? Personally, I enjoy most of the Christmas music. We’re going to Branson in two weeks, just to see the Christmas shows and the lights at Silver Dollar City. The place is awsome, especially at this time of year.

I dread going to this one store in our local mall because they play these really annoying secular “Christmas” songs like “Santa Baby.”


They’re playing Christmas Music here as well and they are including the religious songs like “Silent Night”.


The “Silent Night” I heard was by Stevie Nicks.

I’m listening to Classical Christmas on Sirius 86 (Pops). Right now it’s a soprano soloist and choir singing “Lo, How A Rose Ere Blooming” in the original German.

The pop music Christmas station is on Sirius 2 (Starlite).

It always irritates me when radio stations play constant Christmas music from Thanksgiving (or sometimes even Halloween) through (allegedly) Christmas, but by the afternoon of Christmas Day they’ve gone back to their regular music! What?! :rolleyes:

You’d consider their stuff as food?

I work in the outlets where I live, I haven’t heard any Christmas music they play out there. But thankfully, Christmas music doesn’t play in the store I work in - I’d go nuts (though I like Christmas music - just not over and over again).

I absolutely love Martina McBride’s Christmas CD–she has such a beautiful voice.

I also love Michael W. Smith’s Christmas CDs as well.

As far as the ‘secular’ stuff–I do like listening to the comedic spoofs. I call my vegetarian friend when I know she’s not at at home, and leave “Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire” on her voicemail. And “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” is funny the first few times of hearing it. I love “Redneck’s 12 Days of Christmas” (I think it’s Jeff Foxworthy).

I would feel ‘aghast’ if I heard anything other than traditional during Mass though!


I HATE THE STUPID HIPPOPOTAMUS SONG!!! My neighbor’s ringtone for her mom is this song and all summer, every time that her mom called, I have been tortured by this stupid song. Now I can’t get it out of my head. :rolleyes:

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