Christmas Party


I have been invited to a Christmas party by one of my friends. It is at her mom’s house. What do I take?

I was thinking about a cheesecake. I have never been to one of these so am at a loss what to do.


It depends on the age of the hostess and guests. It is always nice to take a Christmas plant to the mom, or, if you are old enough a bottle of wine in Christmas wrap. Cheesecake sounds good if you are to bring a dish to share. If I knew more about it, I could probably give you better suggestions.


Yup, these are good suggestions. Dessert is always welcome at a potluck. Or at my house. :smiley:


I wouldnt know what kind of wine to take. So Christmas plant and cheesecake sounds good. I dont want to go too cheap or too expensive with the wine. Do you have any suggestions with the wine?


I’m not sure if I would take a dessert item without being sure if the hostess would like that. Often the mom/hostess will have slaved over homemade desserts and will not welcome the “competition”, lol

I think a good idea is to bring something “Christmas-y” like a Poinsettia (make sure they do not have small children or pets) or a Christmas ornament (stick with traditional colors like red/green or silver etc).

If you’d also like to bring wine, ask at the store what would “go” best with the type of meal you are having. If you don’t know what is being served, bring a sparkling wine that can be had after dinner and used to make a toast.

**I’m sure that whatever you decide to bring will be appreciated… many people don’t bring anything anymore to their hosts.:frowning: **



I second Malia’s suggestion about trying to pair the wine with whatever you’re going to be eating. Just ask, the stores are used to helping.

Otherwise, you could ask for a ‘dessert wine’ and see what selection they offer. Tell the wine clerk your price range and he’ll be able to help.


A Christmas plant is always good, and better than cut flowers, unless the flowers are prearranged.


That’s for sure. From the Gooja archives…


Go to Trader Joe’s and ask. They have loads of good quality wines at very reasonable prices. Try a Chateauneuf du Pape. I usually find those to be a safe thing to bring to a party.


Bring a fruitcake! It is the gift that keeps on giving! :smiley:

I just love fruitcakes and when I moved to the USA I was amazed at the Xmas horror stories about fruitcakes.


I’d suggest asking your friend or your friend’s mom what you could bring.


You should bring a hostess gift for your hostess. Something that doesn’t have a shelf life, doesn’t need to be consumed immediately, and is a treat for the hostess. If you don’t know the hostess well (especially if you have never met her, don’t know her tastes or size), then you should stick with something generic that anyone would like.

While wine is a common gift, some people don’t drink alcohol. Boxed candy is something that can be shared later with family or friends. Flowers–especially a potted plant in a nice pot, rather than cut flowers–are usually appreciated.

If you give food or wine, your hostess is not obliged to serve it because she probably already has a menu prepared in advance. Unless your hostess has made it clear that she really wants your killer homemade cheesecake (or Junior’s Real Brooklyn Cheesecake), you should probably go for something else.

How about fancy liquid hand soap in a pleasant but neutral scent for her kitchen or guest bathroom?


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