Christmas Prayer!


Lord my Father and Creator, for this Christmas, I pray that, we, your children stop ourselves from all the frenzy of the “Holiday Season Preparations”, and realize that we first have to come before You. To be able to know what it is that You want from us, in order that we can truly and sincerely celebrate the memory of Your Triumphant Birth.
I pray that in this Christmas we can find the greatest gift to offer You, for it is Your comming that we celebrate. It is the celebration of Your Delivered Promise of Salvation, that we are to celebrate. It is about giving back to You, because You already gave it ALL to us.
I pray my Lord that countless souls convert this Christmas and give You, what makes a Father’s heart content. That in this lack of economy, lack of "stuff’, “things” and everything else we have become attached to…we find the very riches and wealth within our church and within ourselves, for when we received our Sacraments You gifted us with an inmense wealth of gifts. When you birth us into this world you gave us a family, neighbors and friends, that in this whole mess of having things and having more, we kind of lost or they lost us. Father light us a candle that shines all the way from Heaven, straight into our lives, that may we all again find the true riches given to us by Your Charitable Love and Mercy.
My Father, my Creator, our Emmanuel send us this Christmas the gift of Wisdom, that we may find our way back into your loving Arms. That we truly dedicate our lives to loving You, serving You and our neighbor. Gift us with the strength, faith and love that is needed to be victorious in You and to please Your Loving Heart.


what an absolutely beautiful prayer! :slight_smile: it’s simply gorgeous. :thumbsup: did you write this yourself? even if you didn’t, thank you so much for sharing this amazing prayer with us. i will definitely save this and copy it into my prayer journal, and pray it every night during this chaotic Christmas Season. thank you so much for posting this. God bless you, and please take care, and know that you and everyone else on here will be in my constant thoughts and deepest prayers. i also pray now that your Christmas will be peaceful, joyous and blessed, in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison xx


Father, please help us to focus upon living authentic Christian love this Christmas and in the coming year. I ask this in the name of Jesus


I agree, beautiful prayer and thanks for posting.

The papers are filled with such depressing news, thank God we’re in this season of hope. Praying we all find peace and joy during these hard times…


As we pray and fill our hearts with hope…Let’s hold strong to the thought that God is first, God is Love, God is all Goodness, so if we feel, want or pray for something genuinely good…It had to come from the Lord first. Because all goodness comes from Him first!!!..I belive that He wants all goodness first, then He inspires us to want it for ourselves and others…So let’s hold strong to the faithful thought, that all genuinely good things that we pray for, the Lord our Loving God wanted it first, then He inspired us to want it also. This should renew our faith and strengthen our devotion to prayer. We can also pray now in a spirit of thanksgiving, knowing that if He wanted it first, then it will be done by the power of His Love and Mercy. Just like Jesus told the apostles “Ask believing that you will receive it and give thanks”. We can believe that if the Lord wanted it first and in Him all things are possible, then we can give thanks and have peace in our hearts knowing that it will be done.






Amen. This is indeed a beautiful prayer.


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