Christmas Thrown for a Loop

hi as everyone knows this Christmas is on a Sunday

I plan on going to Midnight Mass, but I am not sure if this counts for both the Christmas Mass obligation and the Sunday obligation.

at face value I think it does fulfill both requirements (ie, I don’t have to go to Mass twice) but I just thought I’d double check…


It fulfills both obligations. Enjoy Christmas/Sunday Mass! God keeps it simple for us!

Merry Christmas!

Just make sure your church has a midnight mass! Ours is at 9 pm!

Which so long as they do the Sunday readings would still fulfil the obligation.

The readings don’t matter.
Vigil Mass
Mass During the Night
Mass at Dawn
Mass During the Day

All a tad different.

Merry Christmas!

You don’t have two obligations. You have one.

The readings that are read at the mass are not relevant in any way to fulfilling an obligation.

Hey, I wasn’t thinking about the readings, it seems a lot of Churches don’t actually celebrate their ‘midnight’ mass at midnight!!! We have a 4pm, a 9 pm, and a 10 am on Sunday, Christmas day. Many people still call the 9pm the midnight mass!

Hence “Mass During the Night”. Places with treacherous roads don’t want their parishioners out in the cold. Every parish family has it’s own needs

Merry Christmas.

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